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Battle Royale gets US remake

BattleRoyale.jpgThe news that New Line have just bought the rights to the Japanese movie Battle Royale is stunning, provoking much the same feelings as they did with news of the (hopefully dead) Oldboy remake, how could they possibly remake it?

Battle Royale is a film based in the future in Japan where, to control the unruly young adult population, the Goverment select a random school class each year and send them to an island. They chose weapons and are released in order to kill each other. The one left alive is the winner and gains their freedom, and it's all televised. There are many more twists to the story, but that's enough to give you the idea. It's brutal, cold, and bloody.

From Variety through Dark Horizons:

Neal Moritz ("The Fast And The Furious") and Roy Lee ("The Ring", "The Grudge") will produce.

Well production doesn't mean that much but I am very glad to see that Lee is in there and may well try and fight Hollywood to bring us a faithful representation. Yet I just can't see that movie making it through the Studio. Sure, with an R rating it would make it to the screen, but I really don't see it being what a Studio would want...unless they take a chance.



That would be awesome and I'd definitely be up for a remake of Battle Royale...The original is one of the craziest concepts I've ever seen on screen...Highly enjoyable though, that's for sure!

Where do they come up with these crazy ideas for a film?

I saw the Japanese original, and bored me to death

I'm kind of with Peter, in that I was nowhere near as blown away by BR as I was expecting based upon all the hype I'd heard about it. But an American remake would be truly disastrous, purely because they won't go far enough with it...



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