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Underworld 3 story revealed

KateBeckinsale.jpgKate Beckinsale has revealed that she's not going to be in the next Underworld film, and that's not because she doesn't want to it's because her husband hasn't written her in.

Apparently he's writing it as a prequel of the current two and so Beckinsale's character doesn't appear. From Coming Soon through MTV:

"I think it's a prequel before I'm actually in it, so I think that won't include me if it happens," she said.

So a prequel it is for Underworld 3, I wonder if that will be concentrating on the beginnings of the war between the creatures?



I think that the Underworld 3 prequel may be closely related to Greg Cox's "Underworld: Blood Enemy", the story of Lucian and Sonja's love and how the war between the vampire and lycan servants got started. Although in the novel there are flashbacks between Lucian's story of him and Sonja and Seline's present, so most likely those few pages will be cut out.

I thank under world 3 would suck so bad with out her in the movie. and top of all that taking her character name and cut a few pages out of the story im true fan of under world but dewed that mes up the movie

A prequel would be awesome, Lucian is the most interesting character in the movie and even thought I love Selene and am a kate beckinsale fan, I am really happy to hear that. I can't wait to see this movie, I just hope they'll take Jazmin Damak as Sonja, like they did in the first opus. And hope too that the new director will be as great as len.

I think Beckinsale's character is a big part of the movie, but if she isnt this new chapter of the movie I would still watch it. I bet in time she comes back ready to have Micheals child.

I was just at another website regarding Underworld 3 and they say Kate Beckinsale may return as Selene! And I still definitely think this movie will be based on Greg Cox's Blood Enemy, a prequel to Underworld. To see this website that I am talking of go to www.upcominghorrormovies.com/movies/underworld3.php

This information about Beckinsale returning was posted on 6/10/06

I think underworld 3 is not going to be good at all if you take the main character, Seline out. If you wanted to do the little love story to make a backdrop of how it started, this "prequel" should have been made first. You have to keep kate in, other wise your going to confuse people, because we're thinking the third movie continues from the sec. It's going to be messed up.

Well, one of the main characters is what i meant. All-n-all i still would like to have Kate somewhere in the movie. I'll still go see it though

The story would get confusing, unless its explained v e r y s l o w ly at the start.

Remove a character and do prequel is fraught with a storyline that jumps around.

Well the word is, although I haven't had a chance to post this as a main story, Underworld 3 is going ahead.

Patrick Tatopoulos is to direct the film and there's no official word yet on Beckinsale although the comments are continuing that she won't come back.

ithink that they cant have a underworld without kate or speedmen



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