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Star Chamber remake

TheStarChamber.jpgThe Star Chamber, which starred Michael Douglas, is set for a remake and one of its producers Frank Spotnitz has been talking about the project.

For those of you who don't know the original is about a secret organisation of high level judges who sit in secret and rule over criminals who have gone free. Their guilty verdicts result in the hiring of a hitman. Douglas is a young judge who is being actively sought to join the group...

It's a good film and I remember seeing it a long time ago. Spotnitz talks about it over at an interview with Moviehole:

That’s one of the things I spend every day doing. I’m producing that. And that to me is one of the great ideas never fully realized, which is a perfect candidate for a remake...

...If you look at the original movie now, it’s really sort of a Reagan-era diatribe against the rights afforded to criminals, and it seems pretty dated. But now, the movie that we’re talking about making is much more about the lengths you’ll go to get justice...the longer I’ve worked on it, the more and more relevant it’s become to the national debate we’re having right now.

Another remake indeed, but actually it is one of those films you can see being remade with a modern twist to it. There aren't many details yet on the remake, but I think it might work. Do you remember it? Is it worth a remake?



I can not believe I missed this! Thanks for the news Rich, better check this one out sometime.



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