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Scorsese and The Departed slammed

InfernalAffairs_Poster.jpgChristopher Doyle, the visual consultant on the film Infernal Affairs which Martin Scorsese is remaking as The Departed, has openly slammed the remake and Scorsese himself.

From Kaiju Shakedown through The Reeler:

"I find it disappointing if not depressing to see someone of the integrity and scholarship of Marty:

1) apparently not knowing or caring where the original originates from (which I find insulting to our integrity and efforts...when of all the filmmakers in the world Marty is the one who pretends to celebrate excellence and integrity and vision in cinematography)

2) needing to suck box office, or studio, or whoever's [**** - Richard] he feels he needs to suck...it can't be for the money...it can't be for the film (for the reasons above)...it must be just to work...which is mostly my motivation most of the time...but to have something fall into one's lap because one is supposedly competent in a certain kind of filmmaking is exactly why we are moving on and accountants are making non-subtitled versions of what we do.

3) it makes me very sad to see Marty and so many others genre-fying and gentrifying himself into mediocrity. Granted, mediocre is not just a Western ailment...but it would seem the disease is malign and endemic."

Ouch. Duck and cover is my advice. Those are some seriously harsh words and it'll be interesting to hear what Scorsese has to say. This aside I'm not entirely keen on the remake, changing plot details, throwing big stars at it and moving it to the US, it just doesn't seem like it's going to have the same impact. Doyle seems to have stronger feelings!



It will indeed be very interesting to hear Scorsese's side of the story.

This guy wants more money. That´s all.

Which one Peter, you mean Doyle who's complaining?

Yes, this Doyle ;)

This interview is actually from last year and was merely reprinted with the profanity intact.

Based on an interview he did for the Fall 2005 Filmmaker magazine, Doyle's anger may be the result of Scorsese turning down his offer to be a visual consultant on the remake.

Aha, thanks for that A. Any idea where it was published? It would be interesting to track down any followups to that story.

Could well be that's what his reaction was about, and it'll be interesting to see if it's held up by the film itself.

If I were out on the town and saw Christopher Doyle standing next to me at the bar, I'd have no qualms ordering him a pint of bitter.

I did a search on "I find it disappointing if not depressing to see someone of the integrity and scholarship of Marty" and here are two links I got, both dated December '05.

(The original article is here but if you can read that, hats off!)

As pointed out by Derek Elley (Senior Film Critic for Variety) there is no obligation on Martin Scorsese to "have any loyalty to the original" Infernal Affairs. To look at Martin Scorsese's resume and see the constant quality body of work he has produced over the years (Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The Color of Money, Goodfellas, Casino) it really baffles me that some pissed off cinematographer can unleash a scathing attack on Scorsese. Ok, he apparently hasn't seen the original, but couldn't that be a good thing? I know The Departed is a "remake", but what if he doesn't want it to be an exact remake? If that was the case, do a Ring job and get the original director, etc.

This is Martin Scorsese, for my money the best director there is! He has made many classic movies that have set the benchmark for others which followed, but he didn't have a template to work with. He used his own skill and technique to craft out wonderful motion pictures and I think that is what he is trying to do with The Departed. He has the script, his cast and crew and he will make his interpretation of the story.

He has proven on numerous occasions that he can make top quality motion pictures. The criticism he has received is very unfair. Yes, the basic plot of the movie will be generally the same as Infernal Affairs, but if you just wanted an English version of Infernal Affairs, get the DVD with English audio. Hong Kong is very different to Boston. A direct translation would not work. So I think Scorsese deserves some praise for wanting to make his own picture based on another story, rather than a direct remake/rehash which is becoming more and more common in Hollywood.

Despite Doyle's remarks i still think this movie has some potential???

Who knows, I guess we'll see.


I cant believe I missed Spidey's brilliant post. I agree with youccompletely.

And to Mr. Doyle, sir, I dont know who you are, or what other films youve done, but this is Mr. Scorsese we're talking about, have some respect!



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