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Ray Winstone in Death of a Ladies Man

RayWinstone.jpgRay Winstone is one of my favourite actors, and I am interested in anything he does onscreen, although I have to say his new movie Death of a Ladies Man, doesn't sound that exciting to me. However there are two very interesting announcements to the film, the writer and director.

Ray Winstone, singer/writer Nick Cave and director John Hillcoat clearly enjoyed making The Proposition together. Because they’re reuniting for Death Of A Ladies’ Man...

...It’s a film that will see Winstone as a travelling salesman using his job to secure a series of lusty liaisons along England's south coast. But when his wife kills herself, he’s forced to bring his 9-year-old son along on his job.

So the team who brought us The Proposition are going to write and direct this tale. It sounds more interesting now, but the blurb on its own doesn't really give us much. Let's keep our eyes on this one, for The Proposition was a very strong tale.




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