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Independence Day Producer turns Director

DeanDevlin.jpgDean Devlin, the Producer behind such amazing films as Independence Day (if anyone doesn't know I am quite a sarcastic person) is moving to become a Director with a project that sounds a lot less epic blockbuster-ish and surprisingly restrained.

From The Hollywood Reporter through Sci Fi Wire comes the news that he's set to debut with a film called Ghosting, the story sounds quite intriguing...

Jessie Alexander's script centers on a crippled cop who works with a group of undercover investigators who temporarily paralyze hearts to move back and forth between the land of the living and the dead.

Sounds quite an interesting mix for the story. I really did expect some big in your face movie, perhaps this is a good sign that he's starting off small and trying to build up? Or maybe his Directorial desires are quite different from his Production ones?



Richard...slamming Independence Day? It's one of those movies I can watch over and over again without getting bored. Granted, it has all the trappings of summer blockbuster, but it's still good, clean fun. Ah, well...to each his own.

As for this story, sounds interesting. There's a little bit of a Flatliners feel to what you've given, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Yeah. It is fun Hap, although the stereotypical views of the world and people are slightly grating, as is the big American President speech, the rest is fun. I'm not slamming it at all for that.

It's more a slur on the idea that Devlin becoming a Director is being sold on. "Devlin producer of Independence Day is becoming a Director"...I just thought it was an interesting and quite amusing statement...

I always knew Richard has a dark side. ;-)

Sense of sarcasm is good.

I need to do my homework...i thought he had done directorial work before.... wierd.

Are he and Roland Emmerich still working together at all? I really miss their big over the topness...

...yes...........i enjoyed Godzilla...



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