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From Nazi Germany to 70's Porn Industry

The film Ponorama is a sex comedy from a the most unlikely source. Marc Rothemund directed Sophie Scholl: The Final Days and Bern Eichinger is the writer of Downfall. Pornorama is very light on details having just been announced, but word is coming that it's a comedy set in the 1970's Porn Industry.

There can be no greater career change than from such heavyweight World War II films to this. Here's the blurb for Sophie Scholl, which I should get to watch this weekend...

Sophie and Hans Scholl are members of the "Weiße Rose" (White Rose), a resistance group against the Nazi regime. When the siblings lay out fliers at the university, they are caught by the caretaker who calls the Gestapo. After their imprisonment, they are interrogated for days. In the beginning, Sophie manages to bluff the questioning official Robert Mohr, but Hans finally confesses everything. Now Sophie vindicates her ideals, but also tries to protect the other group members. On February 22nd, the Scholls and their aide Christoph Probst are accused of high treason and sentenced to death. As the execution tooks place the same day, Sophie has to take leave of her family.

...and Downfall...

As the Russians advance through Berlin in the spring of 1945, Adolf Hitler and his remaining military and secretarial staff shelter in his large bunker complex in the centre of the city. His mood swings between completely unjustified optimism that his forces will still break through, and rage against the incompetence and betrayal of his military commanders. Reality does finally start to break through and the Fuhrer and the others in the bunker start to make their final personal preparations for the inevitable.

...Now who'd have thought that the next career path for them both would be 70's porn comedy?!



Woah! Talk about range!

Those two movies sound great actually.
Wouldn't mind seeing em both.

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