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Fast and the Furious 4 with Diesel?

VinDiesel-Kilt.jpgUpdate: 21/11/2007 The full plot is revealed for Fast and the Furious 4, and Jordana Brewster is also looking to return.

Update: 03/10/2007: Latest News: Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are officially in talks for the fourth film and Justin Lin is confirmed as Director.

Update: 13/09/2007
With the Hollywood striking looming for Writers, Directors and Actors, the studios have released a document to the major talent agencies to start lining up talent for projects they want completed before the strike next year, and one of those projects is The Fast and the Furious 4, written in black and white with a Director attached! Read the story here.

Original Story: Vin Diesel has asked the singer Omar if he wants to appear in the fourth instalment of Fast and the Furious with himself starring!

From Prima Hora through Jo Blo comes the gossip that...

...Vin Diesel crashed one of popular Latino singer Don Omar's parties (he's also on the soundtrack for TOKYO DRIFT) and told him that he wants him to appear in the fouth sequel which The Diesel mentioned he's starring in.

Now that is interesting. The series hasn't exactly been going uphill, but the first film was good fun and a great vehicle for Diesel, but a fourth one with him returning? Perhaps he can see something in the series we can't right now (and not just more cars) or more importantly perhaps he needs the cash and backing for his big movie Hannibal?

Update: 28th August 2008
There's a rumour out that Universal are pushing the production of a sequel and this could well be taking place in Brazil and reuniting some of the old names. Bear in mind though, this story is hugely speculative at the moment. Read the full story here.



Diesel? Surely Petrol would be more appropriate?

Sorry, couldn't resist it. :-)

what is name of the new fast & furious 4 movie??

Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift...or do you mean this fourth film? The fourth doesn't yet have a title.

all i can say is vin shoulda been in all or fully in the 3rd not at the end his attitude in the first one was awesome paul was good too maybe have them meet up again who knows cause the first was the best but havin someone else take the lead in this movie and not one recognizable character from any previous one like 1 and 2 were made it hard to grasp torreto rulz

I would like to be in part 4 of the fast and the furious i have great ideas for the movie and in think the name should be Fast and the furious world race

its my dream to be in one of the fast and the furious movies and i think the name of the new movie should be called The Fast and the Furious world race. This is email try 2 hit me up with new info on the movie

I would love to see the fourth movie cens the first and fourth movie were good they should make it. it would be a hit

I think that the third fast and furious was the best because it had more action than the ones before. I also think if they happen to make another movie they should leave it in japan and use some hot japanese cars that they dont sell in the U.S. It also should have Walker, Deisel, and Black.

Oh i almost forgot they should put Jessica Alba in it...She so hot!!

im in the 4rth, im casted as the scottish nutter. half brother of paul walker . with black and deasil as the main charachters bowwow will have a apearince aswell. i of course call paul who makes his way into the movie to reunite with old friend as i let him find out who im riding with lol, no joke. im joe campbell

vin diesel hopefully comes out in the 4th installment. he adds the touch that the movie needs. definitely would make it an instant hit at the box office. without vin D the movie lacks that spice and authenticity

i think that this film could of been much better with paul walker and vin D togther this would make the film much more stronger

i think that this film could of been much better with paul walker and vin D togther this would make the film much more stronger

I think the fourth fatf should tell the story of dom toretto from when he drives off in the supra at the end of the first one to the race at the end of the third one. based in america, mexico and across asia

is lucas black goin 2 b in the 4th 1?? :P

i think the fast and the furious 3 tokyo drift is a very good film so it must be that the fast and the furious 4 exist

Here's an idea for the 4th Film: Have Paul Walker AND Tyrese return and go up against Vin Diesel and Black. Leave it in Japan, and have it 2 on 2 Drift style. Now THAT would be a kick ass movie... the 4 big stars from the previous 3 movies....

The first on was cool,and the second one was sorry,but tokyo drift was tight,and bringing diesl out like that you've got to put him in the next one or it would just be stupid,i was talkin about that movie for weeks after disel appered.and the way that fast back was smashin.mine i'll smoke it though.

Fast and the furious sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, intelligent and well thought through debate there Josh!

After the last scene and the race with Black Vin should finally play in the 4th part and i can't wait to see him

Who do you think was going to win at the last race Vin Diesel or black?

Diesel, come on!

Does anybody knows what was the american car of diesel at the end of the Tokyo drift?

i think vin desiel and paul walker and roman shud be in the 4th film, paul and roman shud open a garage and vin and black shud show up were the 1st movie was based and all 4 of them shud import cars for there garage but to get the cars they av to race them, in a speed race another words see who can get the fastest and vin and paul shud av shelby mustangs gt 500 and bring the skyline back

plymouth roadrunner

vin diesel is defenitly the ultimate character from all the films so far, and paul walker also, i think to make the 4th one good you need to do somthing completly diferent to make the movie interesting, i think that the movie should be based around muscle cars, im sick of these jap imports i love it when you hear the grunt of a v8, and judging by the end of tokyo drift vin said that hes old friend used to roll with him in muscle, im dieing to see some v8 action bring in the stangs and cadillacs 57 chevys, camaro ss, chargers and they could also add cars like the concept mustang and the vauxhal monaro or pontiac gto, although would be great to see some australian muscle such as the hq holden:P or the original holden monaro. please take this into account, it would be ok to add in black hes character is very independant which would make him go well alongside diesel. going a little off subject here but why not make sort of like a precule and a lead up to how vin made it to japan after his flee to mexico after f&f1, theres so many ideas but im sure the writters have it all under controll so good luck in the new film i hope it makes it big and brings all the positive life back.

the car that diesel drives at the end of tokyo drift is a 70's Plymouth Road Runner

when is the new film aftertokyo drift coming out if so send me a email........thank you

william L. sucks for saying "Fast and the furious sucks" and he should go to hell.

They took away dom toretto and bryan spielner i cant beleive that did that.

That world race thing thats a name from hot wheels a game called hot wheels "world race"

They should bring him back if they make a fourth one.

i cant think of a name but this film should be good ^^.

I have a really good idea for the next fast and furious movie. They should make the movie on one racing sport that nobody has done. Having based on RALLY RACING. I think that would be a good idea for the movie. Vin Diesel's and Lucas Black's characters start a Rally racing team and race all over the planet.

i think the 4rth part should defently be about v8 and about american muscle. Ashman is correct,im sick of these jap imports too, and really who cares about RALLY RACING we are talking about tunning and don't forget that

they should call it fast and the furious extreme racing or just fast and the furious extreme

may be they should call it fast and the furious extreme racing or just fast and the furious extreme

i think tokyo drift was good but the 4th film should be called new york sprint

hey man i think vin diesel should be on the 4th one because vin brings action to the movie man and don omar should be on it because its about time you guys put some latinos spanish people on the movie i think the movie should be about don omar and vin diesal get back together with brain and the black guy that was in the 2nd movie and they group up to beat the other racers keep me in tuch with what the 4th movie is going to be about

I think they should involve having the 1st, 2nd and 3rd movie along as in like make it as a sequence. fast and furious 4 should be like a part where all the best racers in the first 3 movies in a race. 1st movie we have diesel, 2nd we have paul walker, and 3rd we have the new kid (sorry mate, i forgot the name). so the forth one should have like a big race among them and then to add the villian part, they could add the bad ass jonny tran in f&f1 with the dk in f&f3. all tag against one another. And i think they should have more variety of cars. i think f&f3 is good but the cars are just the 350z's, rx8, evo9 and the 67 mustang. which is too little for my taste. But the new one should be a fun one to watch. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

paul and black SUCKS Diesel rocks ! without him the movies aren't worth watching

ok if there is going to be a 4 movie.......they should have paul and van. but not in japan. they need a movie and a place the take the race world do the edge....going fast and more dangrous then before....if any chicks are out there add me

The 4th movie will be called to fast to furious...the diesal...will be there and so will paul walker tyreess..and the last southern star...they willl all be joined togther to kick some competion ass in tokyo...skylines and supras are the main vechiles to change the taste in tokyo

Vin deisel rocks everybody knows it, the fourth movie shud stay away from japan!! i loved the first two becuase they were bright and sunny and had more action!!dnt get me wrong tokyo drift was good but it wudnt of bin so good without vin deisel starring at the end. if he isnt in the fourth one i will deffinetly be doin some complaining. cant wait for the fourth make it a good one!!!

I think that vin,paul,black,and tyrese should be in the fourth.It should also take place in New York, since they already did the major street racing cities like LA,Miami and Tokyo.

Really? there gonna be fast and furious 4? Wow....i'm really a big fan of fast and furious. Maybe it'll be cool if the story took place in Germany. I heard the Autobahn there has no speed limits. Just skills and talent for high speed racing. Cool eh... Hmmm...........but whatever it is. I LOVE YOU FAST AND FURIOUS!!!

Yeah, yeah Latinos and Reggaeton stand up. Don Omar with Diesel in part 4? Dale, Dale Don Dale.

Well the big thing is walker wasnt the best actor and tyrese was one dimensional. Torreto was the reason the movie did so good. The fourth should feature Dom and Shaun (new guy) and be based in Japan following the pattern of the first two(USA). Instead of getting rid of Jap imports they should bring in more muscle and keep the imports. I dont like them but you gotta give the little ricers credit. 900 hp on an 3.5 L inline 6 WOW. But vin has to be in the fourth. Thats all there is too it.

They should do a Godfather 2 type thing. It shows two time periods, a prequel (CUZ I HAVE TO SEE MORE OF HAN!!!!) and then whats going on now..hopefully with Walker Black And Diesel...

nah, what should get done is a cannonball/gumball rally style race for some amount of money which would then, bring vin d.,bow wow (if you really must), tyrese, and paul walker and the crew from the first film this way its not a cheese reunion film, it has merrit, a point and the bassis for being the best of all fast and furious movies. hit me back if you want to hear more i have somemany ideas for this film its been a long time coming

does anybody know when the 4th one is coming out?

if anybody does know hit me up in my e-mail it's

There's no date yet I'm afraid spooky, mainly because it hasn't even been confirmed there's going to be one!

well i mean c'mon it's a bit obvious that there is going to be another movie, by the way that tokyo drift movie ended. i mean that what i think. i dont believe that they would end the movie giving you just like a clip or a begining to something new. you know what i mean?

the third movie i just finished watching and the ending wit diesel is the best ending they cud have had =P, i cant wait to see the fourth movie!!

I'm with Ed, go back and show Dom and how he met up with Han, then maybe flash forward to the end of Tokyo Drift. Han stole the show during the movie, but Black was better than Walker. Paul Walker does not need to be in this movie.

I think it would be awesome if they based the movie on Han and Vin. Because if you guys remember, Han ran away to japan just like torreto ran off to mexico. it should be based on how Han and Torreto met and how Han ended up in Japan. and on f&f5 they should make it with the new group. everyone meet up back at the States. with paul, tyrese, lucas black, vin and his crew, the how chick neela .it would be cool. the story can be that vin takes lucas back to the US and they meet up with paul and reese in their new garage and take the story from there man.

i dont know but i think vindiesel and paul walker should defenetly be in the 4th.

oh yeah and Han should also be in the movie!!

all i have to say is all the movies are great i love them watch them all the time over and over. there is going to be a fourth cause why would the show vin at the end.i think paul should come in at the middle of part 4 like he hears that there is this great racer out there and he goes to where ever its going to happen to find out who it is then vin rolls tinted window down and they see each other

the forth should be a cool movie..
I think that Black and Deisel should start a club in Tokyo of Muscle cars.. that way they can go against the imports.. Also bring back DK, and the other dude from the first one,,the one that got shot in the Bike. that way both will have a rival that they can go against.

Don't get me wrong..i love both sets of CARS, that would be a cool scene.. RAW MUSCLE going against Tunners..
the story lines are not the best and they don't have to be,,simply because the real STARS of all 3 films are the CARS.. we just associated the whole scene with the first actors.. but as you can see the 3rd one really did not have any of the old ones and the movie was still a hit.. i beleive that Vin was brought back to close out the films. But these films have potential... who does not want to see a movie about cars and hot babes half dressed..

i think the movie should be based in the past . the story of Han and Vin. In my opinion the character of Han was interesting and how in the 3rd movie vin comes out and says he knew Han makes even more interesting, It makes you want to know what went on back then. what do u guys think?

I think it should have everyone get involved some how. Paul Walker, Tyrese, Vin Diesel, and Lucas Black. It should take place in another country like maybe London maybe? They should mix the cars. The muscle, the japan cars, etc.

I have been a fan of F&F since the very beginning. i'm the guy whos there opening day. I think the forth one should go like this. They begin it with action. Open the movie with a loud bass song, that eventually gets toned out buy both vin and blacks engines revving, then the girl walks up, and is about to drop her arms, then sirens blare in the parking garage. Both vinny and black take off bringing back memories of the first one. although this time vinny (in the muscle car) saves the day and picks up black who is running from the cops. because black is the DK" and vinny is the new guy in town. then the movie goes on to show the progression of how vinny came to be in japan and why he left mexico, the whole background behind his friendship with han. and i say stick with the whole import and muscle theme. it worked out great in the first two films. thats about it.

I think everyone is obsessing a little bit to much over Vin Deisel. He should defennatly be in the fourth movie along with the other characters from the other movies, but i think the idea for the fourth movie should be like a Gran Turismo style, tracks all over the world, snow street, dirt. muscle cars, tuners, and everything else all in each race. each character has a car that fits them. and the name should be like The Fast And The Furious Gran Turismo or World Turismo.

the ideas are good, but i still think that it should be more focused on han and how he came out to japan. and the story of han and dom. It would be cool if han was with Dom's crew along with jessie and all of them.

please du it it was the gunnest ending wid him at the end of 3 hurry up and start shoot make it that in number 2 the charter berone gets out of jail and is after brianthen dom comes back and strt shit up again plz du it strt shootin sumthing like datt

Another thing you could do is. Do the Need for Speed Underground video game thing. Different types of races. Drag, circuit, sprint, and drift. Vin Diesel can drag like in ff1, paul walker can sprint like ff2, Lucas Black can drift like in ff3, and either have Tyrese or another new guy do the circuit racing.
Or you can do like Midnight Club or do sometype of checkpoint racing having everyone competing against one another.

Another thing you could do is. Do the Need for Speed Underground video game thing. Different types of races. Drag, circuit, sprint, and drift. Vin Diesel can drag like in ff1, paul walker can sprint like ff2, Lucas Black can drift like in ff3, and either have Tyrese or another new guy do the circuit racing.
Or you can do like Midnight Club or do sometype of checkpoint racing having everyone competing against one another.

I already have a slight idea of what they are going to do:

Somehow, Diesel is going to contact or meet up with Walker, whether it be to thank him or ask him for help on something, or to get in on a idea (race, job, partnership). Something like that. Black is now a part of Diesel's crew, so look for him. Look at the last seen of TFTF3, when they talked about Han muscle cars "He did when he was rolling with me". Obviously, this is Black'f first love (muscle cars) even though he now has respect for imports/drifting. I don't know how they are going to get there, but Europe is where most of the action is going to be (think about it, no BMW, Mercedes, Lambo in any of the movies yet). Obviously, Diesel has his money and connections right because he was able to import a PLYMOUTH ROADRUNNER to JAPAN! Also, Walker and Tyrese made of with some of that money from TFTF2. So they got loot and probably will have a business or garage in Miami. There has to be a villain somewhere in the movie, like always, so I would guess that this dude is going to be involved in the racing arena somehow (underground or otherwise). Thus, all 4 of our stars will be going against this dude. After all of this, its anyone'g guess on what will happen next.

ok listen, some of you are write and who ever said world race should be the name of the 4th film, BAD idea. i think it should be "4ever fast 4ever furious" kind of long but ive seen longer. and this should be the most hardcore of all the films, and also be atleast 1hr and 44minutes long. bring back deisel, and black. and about 30 minute flashback of how deisel got to tokyo in the first place, and who he was racing in asia for some reason bow wow mentioned in tohyo drift. han who died should have a flash back role. more characters should get injuried and hurt more, more realistic. more street fights, because street racers talk alot of noise. and bring the element of no rules to the playing field, instead of a set one way race, just do what ever it takes to get to the finish line even if it means driving through a house, crowded st, malls, jumps, but make it look real as possible, and cops should interfear in the middle of a race, live or death type of stuff. tokyo had most of this. and dont forget to have some hot girls and big surprises. but when the movie first comes on make sure it blows you out your seat! loud bass thumping music by pharrel, timbaland, neptunes, etc. and action as soon as the title appears or even before. lots of problems and drama to sort out makes it edgey. have a enemy that has nothing to loose in the movie, no future for him. nothing but trouble, always on the run from cops and wanted all over the country. kinda like diesel's equal match. and keep the big names and hot girls. dont forget loud music it adds to the feeling. or even a silent race no music at all just pure muscle and tires screaming and have some characters die again, that made the movie good cause it played with the audience emotion, but what ever you due do it BIG. because it should be the final movie with the title Fast&Furious 4ever!!! (coming from a guy who is addicted to speeding and the rush) not alot of rules are folloew here in the south with all this open space ya dig.

arrington pierson aka a.p., spelled my name wrong how retarded was that!!!!!

anybody race in the oklahoma streets..... nothing but open road outide the big city.

4 ever furious
fast & furious 4ever
before 4 fast before furious
4 the fast and furious
4ever f.f.
4times fast 4times furious
4x fast and furious
fast and 4 ever furious
fast and furious 4x4
fast and furious ?????????
just a couple of hints and ideas from a fan

just sign me up to work on the 4th movie or come up with ideas, i'll even be a extra in the crowd. let me hold a cue card deleted scene, dim the lights to the grand opening or something, i just wanna play a part in the credits yo for real.!!!!405 area find me.

ok listen, some of you are write and who ever said world race should be the name of the 4th film, BAD idea. i think it should be "4ever fast 4ever furious" kind of long but ive seen longer. and this should be the most hardcore of all the films, and also be atleast 1hr and 44minutes long. bring back deisel, and black. and about 30 minute flashback of how deisel got to tokyo in the first place, and who he was racing in asia for some reason bow wow mentioned in tohyo drift. han who died should have a flash back role. more characters should get injuried and hurt more, more realistic. more street fights, because street racers talk alot of noise. and bring the element of no rules to the playing field, instead of a set one way race, just do what ever it takes to get to the finish line even if it means driving through a house, crowded st, malls, jumps, but make it look real as possible, and cops should interfear in the middle of a race, live or death type of stuff. tokyo had most of this. and dont forget to have some hot girls and big surprises. but when the movie first comes on make sure it blows you out your seat! loud bass thumping music by pharrel, timbaland, neptunes, etc. and action as soon as the title appears or even before. lots of problems and drama to sort out makes it edgey. have a enemy that has nothing to loose in the movie, no future for him. nothing but trouble, always on the run from cops and wanted all over the country. kinda like diesel's equal match. and keep the big names and hot girls. dont forget loud music it adds to the feeling. or even a silent race no music at all just pure muscle and tires screaming and have some characters die again, that made the movie good cause it played with the audience emotion, but what ever you due do it BIG. because it should be the final movie with the title Fast&Furious 4ever!!! (coming from a guy who is addicted to speeding and the rush) not alot of rules are folloew here in the south with all this open space ya dig.

who the hell is kenny m. and you took my submit, yo not cool. i posted it first home boy. yo bad

if they are coming out wit a 4th fatf film, they should make a feature like they did wit 2 fast and 2 ferious (where they showed brian runnin from cali to miami and racin ppl along da way) on the 4th one showin brian and tyrese in miami acceptin a case in new york to catch this time crime boss who fleeds to tokyo and have da story start there in the da actual part of the movie

no disrespect but i dont think that tyrese fits in these kind of movies!! diesel, han, brian,etc.

those guys for me do fit. like i dont see how they fit tyrese.

Arrington, if I did my fault, though I don't see your name anywhere before mines...but regardless if u were thinking the same as me, then great minds think alike, ya dig? I do like the names 4 the fast and the furious, and also fast and furious 4ever, though the last one has a Batman ring to it "Batman Forever", and I think X-Men is doing the same thing too.

i think deisel, black, walker, han, neela, mia, and some of the bad guys from the other movies should be in this 1.
the story should start deisel and blackhave thier race but it gets broken up so they run. they flee to the states and meet up with walker and tyrese. deisel tells black how him and han knew each otherso there is a flash back of about 30 min. all of them head to london or germany later cause they hear there is great street racing there. they have great american muscle cars such as the charger from tftf, the 2 muscles from 2f2f, and many more. also some imports. that would be awsome.

the movie should be around 2 hrs and 30 min.
also there should be a whole lot of action. that means street fights at the races. and drive-by shootin'.

also if there is anyway i would like to be in the movie. i would want to be a BA on the side vin, black, walker, and all of that crew. iwould want to drive american muscle like that charger from tftf and an exotic like a labo or a mclauren.

the way i could be in the movie is me and blacks character go way back as friends that use to race together until he was sent to arizona and i was sent to houston texas.

to tell you guys the truth. if i was universal i would milk out this movie franchise. think about it.there is some many story lines they could go with.they could go back to the past and show vin diesel side of the story with his crew afetr they escaped from mexico. and how they met Han; in which by the way i think its a good option cause Han was a kick ass character.Or they could follow up on on where tokyo drift ended up and go from there. make them go back to the USA and some how meet up with paul walker and tyrese and take the movie else where. maybe Brazil with all the hot girls.. Anyways i think two versions should be done for it in order for the audience to get the whole story and have nothing left out and answer all our questions. cause if we get one version, then we are gonna miss out on the other. and i think the same producer from tokyo drift should do the new movies also. well guys tell me what u think. i would really apreciate it . thanks

The movie should take place at the very end of faf 3, then it shows how vin and lucas get into shit and then have vin tell his story about how he knew han and what happend after he left paul, then blah blah blah, the big chase scene or race at the end, then they have to run off to the US in New York and meet up with paul walker...Why New York, Idunno, itll just be kick ass!

and I want to also be in the movie in my plot, like a young begginer racer who sucks, and then dies at the end! itll be kick ass!

since Universal making lots of "$ They Should put some cars like Mclaren F1 GT, Enzo FXX , Zonda in the next movie (Not always Jap cars) get sick & tired of it (especially the EVO) I don't mind if the movie using "kits" cars, But I know Hollywood cars nuts able to do it .......

IS there for sure going to be The fast and the furious 4?

Hey Some Person. No it's not set in stone at all, there have just been rumours so far, as you can see from the lead story.

I think it's fair to say we'd all like there to be something more concrete, but not as yet.

since Universal making lots of "$ They Should put some cars like Mclaren F1 GT, Enzo FXX , Zonda in the next movie (Not always Jap cars) get sick & tired of it (especially the EVO) I don't mind if the movie using "kits" cars, But I know Hollywood cars nuts able to do it .......

nope, if you dont like import cars then dont watch the film, seriously if they put super cars there it would destroy the series.

I'm not the car maniac like many of you guys, but I do love them, and I think you're right ZX, Supercars would destroy it.

For me the series is about real people getting access to these cars, and if it's too far removed from that then the audience gets trimmed.

Keep them based on the real modding and racing that's going on, nothing more.

Man i dunno all i can say is...Its gonna be crazy, 1st one was da shit, 2nd one was shit, 3rd one was str8...now a 4th one with the V.D. himself?...I cant wait to see this shit...And i cant forget the "king of kings", Don Omar...thats my boy...so we'll see...

I think Vin Diesel should come out in Part 4 because he got attitude for that , he is the best. Like you see part 1 was the best because of him, and Paul Walker too, but a lot of females went to see that movie for Vin Diesel, he is the sexiest man right now, thats what i think. But you guys should take that guy out Lucas Black i think he really sucks i didnt like him just imagine i just bought that movie because i got the collection after i saw Vin Diesel in the part 1 but i got all movies of Vin Diesel , and i think if u guys put him for part 4 thats going to be another movie for me to buy.

where is going to take place the fast and the furioust 4?

where is going to take place the fast and the furioust 4?

maybe for the next movie(the 4th series maybe u should use flash backs from the first movie and still have the dude who plays sean boswell as vin's new mechanic somewhat like the 1st movie.

You guys are right! I don't mean to kill the "J import cars" in the series and i do not hate jap cars at all ,but the model for the series are "too less" .....Look at the bright side . Do a new series about limited edition cars (the "Gone in 60 second ) for example....

ps: You can check my website , I posted a lots of japanse JDM and modification stuff (and yes I loved ultimate super car too)but not "Bias"

sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there will be no fast and furious 4 its a spoof.

Wow. Well the world's flat and that's that. Now off you go believing me just because I said it!

Anything to back that up Ken?


I think they should have Paul, Vin, Leon, Letty, Jessy, Vince, and Mia back. Defnatly don't bring back Tyres he SUCKED. He ruined number 2 for me. But they should sooooooo bring back the orignal cast, THEY ARE THE BEST, AND THAT CAST MADE THE FIRST ONE THE BEST, AND THE OUTHER ONES SUCK.

I think that they should have a fourth one with vin and the other three but this one should be based around Europe or something. Kind of like something with the cruising around the world the europeans have a gigantic race around europe like every year and have to make it to each check point buy a certain time.

the fourth ? what did Dom do during the 2nd and 3rd movie ? that would bring the viewer back. domi, his women and his sister ? thats the story that everyone wanted back the 2nd and 3rd. maybe we'll get it in the 4th.

The Fast and the Furious 4 will be based, in a round and about way, on Need for Speed Carbon, the new game from EA. Thats the way that street racing is going in the US. The Police are clamping down heavally on the traditional drags so they are moving into the Hollywood hills and surrounding areas to race, just like it all started in Japan.

Hey was reading all of your comment, but i think i'm missing a ponit, will there be number 4? and of course brian, pierce, dom and DK should in number 4 as remember number 2 peirce and brain plans to open the garage and vin and DK leave JAPAN and go to New York with more crime and death invovled maybe, like one of those 4 men dies in 4th film make a good end and contunie with gang from all over thw world would be good to watrch!!!!!!!

Fast and the furious rocks. i have all 3 movies and i watch them all the time. the next one(#4) should have paul,tyrese and vin along with the actor of Sean in tokyo drift.

i think the 4th fast and the furious movis should contain all three films e.g Drag, sprint, and Drift

it was weird at first watching tolyo drift without any characters from the other movies but got usto it but at the end when you see vin deisel i realised they hafto make a 4th with him and they should have gorrilas and peaceful barbies in it too mike ock is my friend

Good 4th movie title "4 the fast and furious"

I think it'd be cool to have diesel again, but sure would be cooler to have paul, tyrese and diesel. maybe brian and rome should show up in tokyo for some reason or dom show up in miami and find brian owning his garage and organizing races

i'd like to see verone gettin' out of jail and chase brian and rome on the fourth movie. diesel should come to miami and help them

does anybody know for sure if there is going to be a4rth part

At the moment it's all speculation I'm afraid.

how can i find the music to the fast and furious tokyo.
please let me know..

Various (Motion Picture Soundtrack) - The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift (Soundtrack)

There you go Tomas. There's an International delivery as well (top right of the page).

i think that the 4th fast and furious should be called burnout revenge. in this movie should be all sorts of races: like sprints, drifts and burnouts to, where someone should revenge by racing and givin' us a lot of quality time watchin' this movie... thats my opinion...

if fast and furious 4 is really exist.. really hope that, it wont be the last movie for fast and the furious.. "The Fast and The Furious - The Battle From The Underground" - make this title for the final fast and furious movie :p tehehe..

the new movie should take place in the icy conditionz of the canadian rockies with an assortment of cars ranging from muscle to imports torreto is wanted ..right? they wouldnt find him in canada would they?the story line should be walker is travelling around and happenz ta run into torreto, complicationz arise then they fuck up sumthin expensive then race to make money and clear their namez,also to not get caught by tha f.b.i! ....racing would include sprintz,driftz.and dragz all in the same race!

is anyone watch how brian get his skyline for 2F2F movie.. they should make a long story similar to that story.. quite co0l when he travel to get respect and money and slowly upgrade his skyline.. damn nice..

Damn All Fast and the furious Movies was Bad ass!!!, but if they are making a part 4, the need Vin, Paul, tyrese and sean (that new guy on part 3 and they need the old crew from part 1, cuz that was like the BAD ASS CREW NO ONE MESSED WITH(you know what i mean),.......but they should make a movie tLo show how vin got to japan from part 1 to part 3(L.A. to Mexico to Asia, then Japan)

fast and the furious should not only be about cars.. they should have sport bikes as well!

they already had bikes on fnf1 wen brian were chasin them japanese dudes

i mean something like torque but with a better story line :P

first movie was ok, the 2nd was ok, the 3rd was WEAK. The white boys lousy southern accent. Ha ha ha ha

man the fourth fast and the furious should be called the fast and the furious beginning of a new race...

ok for the guy that was wondering how he got his skyline ud have to buy the tricked out edition of fast and the furious 1 but he just goes on the run with this other car and the police find it so he hitch hikes and goes to a dealership and buys one

The next Fast and the Furious will be called..

4 ever fast, 4 ever furious!!

I'm 100% sure it is!

Can't go into to much detail, but it will be released late 2007!

Do u you when the 4 fast and furious is coming out i hoped soon.

im Puerto rican so i hope Don omar is in it and vin
he is my favorite actor

i agree with just about everyone i think the 4th film should have paul walker and vin D in it, that whould go through the roof if all the old actors where to meet at one big street race.

I think that the name~ 4 EVER FAST 4 EVER FURIOUS ~
would kick ass

I agree with just about everyone i think the 4th film should have paul walker and vin D in it, that whould go through the roof if all the old actors where to meet at one big street race.

I think that the name~ 4 EVER FAST 4 EVER FURIOUS ~
would kick ass

I think that Paul Walker and Vin Diesel should meet up in the next movie I dont know what it shoul be called but I want them both to be in it.

Hi, is there a title out yet for the 4th movie of the fast and the furious ??

I've heard that Vin Diesel is going to take the wheel again in the fourth movue, fantastic !

I hope Paul Walker does the same, it would be awesome.
It would also be great if some other actors from the first movie would also be in the 4th one, like Michelle Rodriguez.


i think that the cars in the fast and furious and 2f2f are very good i like these japanese tuners they are fast but thy should put some german cars iin there such as the bmw m5, bmw m3, porsche turbos and mercedes AMGs and also it should be drag racing or sprint races and also sean from tokyo drft should be innit roman peirce and brian o connor and dom should be init and the chinese guy from the 2nd one that has the s2000 should be in the 4th one aswel

i think the 4th fast and the furious should have that name to start 4 ever fast 4 ever furious, and it should be about 3 hours long, make the first hour just flash backs of how dom got to tokyo and met han, and show paul and tyrese opening that garage they talked about at the end of the second one, and then cut to the race at the end of the 3rd one and have it broken up and they run to germany to evade the police in asia, then once they get to germany they hear about these 3-4 man teamed races like on need for speed carbon, all different kinds too(drag, drift, sprint, and canyon racing) but they fly back to miami to get paul walker and tyrese to sell their garage and get 2 really tricked out american cars and fly back to germany w/ paul, tyrese, vin, lucas,& the crew from the first one and second one, then they all fly back together w/ a few super tuned muscle cars, super tuned tuners, and a bunch of money so they can buy a few german super tuned cars like lambo gallardo and some ferrari's and the zonda and bmw's and mclaren and those kind of cars, and have some huge lifted trucks in there too for like their enforcer guys to block connecting road like 2f2f, and they should find all those races on the autobahn where there is no speed limit, and kill of tyrese in the movie somewhere and have him replaced w/ a new kid, and have it ended in a cool way like the 3rd one so there will be a 5th one w/ even more action and the movie should definately start w/ some loud bass music, and girls, and throw in a bunch of under armour in there somewhere lol, thanks for letting me express my ideas, anyone email me at if anyone agrees, thanks

Tfatf: tokyo drift was slick ...drifting personally is my favorite style and drag and they have pretty much covered all types of races drag, drift, circuit, tag, i mean whats left ? Vin came back yea but i cant see a story for the fourth one can you ? drifting doesnt fit toretto's Attitude so i dont know were there goin but they shuld have tyrese and paul open their garage and meet up with vin and lucas and i guess go from there ..?

it sould be in japan, with all the cast of number 1 makin a come back,

vin u should make the movie with paul walker that would be the best movie

ill put ur minds to ease


Is that the next fast and furious? ^^^^^^

No. That's a faked poster.

thats not a fake poster. its actual

Rubbish, you can see the poor scaling for Diesel on it and there's no production news about the film and no word from either studio or stars on the film.

Diesel is tied up for most of 2008 working on his personal passion project Hannibal.

ok, that poster is crap, but it does lead to some interesting ideas, what if they ended up in the uk, or europe? where could that lead?? look i kno most people have expressed there ideas, so hear is mine... The FnF 4 should start in america, and japan, and end up in australia, about 25 mns or so into the movie... down here we have such a huge car culture and we have some damn good looking cars that the rest of the world doesnt.. dont belive me, have a look at these sites..
"oh and do have a look, you might be suprised"


anyways back to the plot, the guys from 2f2f could be down here on holiday, or maybe they 'had' to leave la for a bit, japan just above us, it not to hard to put it together, they all end up at the same car show, which is SummerNats of course "dont kno what that is? the google it!" and a few drinks and a few challenges later sees them racing there arses of in a no holes bard contest from one point to another, like a massive sprint race.... or something like that..... just remember the series is good but in needs a whole new twist to give it life again.....

im if you wish to insult me

is there a fast and furious 4 caus i thought 3 was

when is the fast and the furious 4 coming

you should do a flim similar to need for speed carbon where there are the different teritories for the muscles, tuners and the exotics this way you get a wide range of cars that everyone is happy with. bring back the skyline's and supra's

If there is a Fast and Furious 4 it should be nothing but Musclecars. It should be called Musclecar Wars. I would like to see that 900 plus horse black charger reborn in this movie.

LOL, it's funny people trying to come up with idea's for the name of the next F&F movie, i have the perfect name, but i won't type it here because someone's going to steal it, as far as when they make the next one im sure it will be about going back to Han and Vin, because at the end of Tokyo Drift vin mentions his relation to Han, and they emphasise on Han too much in the movie, like when Black asks Han about Hans history then vin mentions Han at the End driving a muscle car, which he did the same when he left california, i dont know if most of you know but they did make a short video at the end of part one after the credits showing Vin going to mexico, so i think they made the story that vin met Han in mexico and they were all about muscle cars there till something went wrong Han left mexico to japan, as he says in Tokyo Drift, when talking to Black, that Japan was his Mexico, and then Vin arrives to japan aswell at the end of the Tokyo drift. The reason why all the seaquels had new actors and movies had to change was because Vin was asking too much money and he didnt want to be known as the fast and the furious guy, after most of his other movies didnt do well he was back to square one and taking any offeres, and the first one he came back to was Fast and the furious, to my opinion sometimes stardome gets to people too quick, but Vin should have takin the deal for 2fast 2 furious even if he was getting paid less than what he expected, after all the real starts are the cars,anyways, look at Paul Walker, he was smart he took the deal for part 2 and instantly became a mega star, afterwards and movie deals just poured in for him, and now he has more money than he could spend, but i think there is such a thing as destiny, Vin was ment to be the fast and furious guy, i think he realises that now,and i hope this frenchise does not die, because i have amazing ideas, i know of other kinds of places in the world with there own thing, some treally crazy stuff. heck if universal wanted a bigger budget for the cars and locations, hire me id do the film for free, and im a really good natural actor.Just to end this by saying people should not worry F&F is the type of frenchise that is like 007, you can keep making more and more, because the real point of the movie is to give a good adrenalin rush and the cars are the starts and its a really good way to bring out new actors over and over again.

is the lucas guy going to be in the fourth movie and were is the story taken place in.

I would really like to see what happend to the team. Is Letty ok, will Vince loose the arm, is Jesse dead, and where is Leon or Mia. They should not just drop the fast and the furious they've told to much of the story to just stop. If they do they should never have started the story.


Yall don't think that title is a bit too cheesy? I love all THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS movies but even I think the series is a joke. The 1st movie was awesome, 2nd a bit dry and the 3rd movie was really awesome. But to have a forth installment means the directors have to work extra hard to end the franchise off with bang and with class. That is rarely done. Unless THE TRANSPORTER's Jason Stathom and Nicholas Cage's Character in GONE IN 60 SECONDS show up for a cameo or something

I quite like that title Xander. If they make it, you might just be lucky!

The 4rth film should be called Fast and the Furious: Beginnings. It would be so sweet if it starred Vin Diesel and Han, since they used to roll together back in the good old days.

i hope michelle also stars in the 4th movie!!
i so want to see them back together:D:D:D:D:D:D:P

letty and dom forever

hey guys...
i think the 4th movie should be about dam and the team form the beginning.
se how they came to be and se what happens with dom an letty and vince and mia:P hehe


la madonna fa i pompini ai protagonisti d fast and furious 4

Ok now in the first one they took on the cops... The second one they took on the bad guy... The third one they took on the mafia... What's gonna happen in the 4th one???? Well I've been playing the toyko drift video game... It says in the game that Brian left the states and went to japan... He checked out his car options and got the same type from the second one the Skyline... He was building it up and that's when he found Dom... Well as you already know Dom now knows Shawn so I don't know if that's a prelude to the movie or not... Will see though

This has been the best movie ever. The cars are sick and it had a nice touch at the end with vin diesel in it. I think he should be in the fourth movie with Paul Walker. And have paul,vin, the black guy from the 2 movie, and this new guy from the 3rd race on a drift race, a drag race, a sprint race, and a circuit race. This 3rd movie is just like the video game need for speed carbon with the canyon duels . I GIVE THIS MOVIE A RATE FROM 1-10 I GIVE IT A 10. aND i HOPE i CAN SEE THE 4TH PART RIGHT AFTER IT COMES OUT. i ESPECIALLY LOVE THE CARS. i HOPE TO HAVE SICK CARS LIKE THAT IN THE FUTURE. wITH THE JOB i'M GOING TO HAVE IN 2 YEARS I COULD GO TO EUROPE AND BY MYSELF THE FAMOUS MACLEREN f1. Or a gallardo. I'm also looking for more people to chat with me. Just e-mail me at to talk. I'm a male with a bright future and I'm looking for fine girls in Florida. So e-mail. Well peace!!!

yo I have always love the fast and the furious movies the first one was my favorite and the second was hot to but then when I was bored one night listening to comentary on the movie celluar which was pretty good and heard the writer of that movie was making fast and the furious three I was pumped I was like hell yeah. Then I saw the preview last spring And I was like omg no paul walker of Vin just ruined it but no it really didn't cause I have always had the perfect idea that there should be atleast five movies to the fast and furious saga especially since vin didn't sign on to do 2fast 2furious....
here is how it should go:
fast and the furious: story about Brian (paulwalker) and dom (vin) and how they meet which leads to Brian the outlaw returning to his roots in
2fast2furious: Brian on the run as an outlaw and returning to his roots and fight for some kinda life and reuniting with his roots and putting his life as an lapd officer behind him
fast and the furious 3: a story about the racing culture that spreads out pass city limits to other cultures and other countries and how it is all interconnectted and how different cultures spice up the world of street racing which is coincides with the events in 2fast 2furious... so as Brian gains his life back and finds himself a trouble teenager finds himself thru the car culture in japan and learns honor and connects the world without boundries by the underworld of street racing for it is one world one passion which takes us full circle to vin who has been in mexico living his new life who returns to japan to pay respects to his falling racer leading to the fourth installment

fast and the furious part 4 and 5 in a nut shell

now with the fourth installment we can follow the story of vin if paul walker wont return for it and see what he has been up to while the events in japan happen and the events with Brian in miami happen and at the end lead up to the fifth n shud b da last installment where we take full circle n all da cast members reunit 4 1 last heart pounding ride n we get paul walker back with vin and vins sister and paul seeing the chick from the second one and seeing mia again recindles old flames and there is a struggle to keep balance n maybe mia can even have brians kid cuz she left so quick after doin deed dat shud have his son bt he wudnt b to old mind u cuz this is only maybe 2 yrs after the first movie and vin calls on his friends from japan 4 help plus his own clan from da frist movie y brian has his friends roman and ty and we come full circle the past meets the present....

ok do you not follow if not here it is the first movie we met brian and dom and they part they do there own thing the second movie follows brian around the third movie shows us how the car culture has no boundries seperating it it has its battles from with and solves from with in it is its own culture its own government its country and no matter what seperates racers we are all connected which brings us back to dom(vin) at the end of the 3rd 1 2 pay tribute to his friend who died in the 3rd film now depending on if paul walker signs up 4 the 4th film or not i wud not ask him i wud perfer to follow dom around with his clan of racers and watch the events of these characters maybe have mia back n have a kid n the kid is kiddnapped and at the brian must know he has a son which leads up to the fifth movie so as u can see make it like no times as passed make it as life happens why i am doin my thing here in ny my friend is doin his thing in cali kind of thing so make the second and third and forth movie be one present time all these events r happening with in the same time period of the same year and end the forth movie full circle where roman and paul are walkin with the money in there packets show them get in the car at the beginning of the 5th movie head to the garage and there is dom waiting for him with some kinda of news maybe mia had a kid n he was kidnapped or mia was kidnapped with her kid n dom needs his help which brings back all the characters from all the movies full circle like a whoorl wind that all these events lead us right back to eachother for this is not just a culture but a family of street racers and that ends the whole story in which it takes place in a matter of about 1and half 2yrs

spring 2001 brian and dom's story:
fall/slash winter 2001 brian's story:
meanwhile in fall of 2001 the story of tokyo drift:
in the early parts of 2002: the story of dom n his clan mia has a baby by dat spring n there adventure leads to
spring/summer2002: dom and brian reunite full circle for one last ride bring everyone back from every chapter in the saga

5 great movies to take one story show all aspects of the life of three main characters and bring them back fullcircle about a yr lata shows how life can takes us full circle


I agree with the guy who says the movie should be 3 hours long and make flashbacks about how dominic met han and Brian and Pearce opening their garage.
Then they should all meet somehow and race together to make money for something they need. Anyway, what I think that is really important is that Paul Walker comes back. I'd also like to see Tyrese back. It would be great to see these two and Diesel. I bet that as soon as brian introduced rome to dominic. they would have their diferences, and it should cause confusion throughout the movie


I have seen a film called fast and the furious 4 had no sign of any cars all about drugs with somebody Hanks in it (cant remember his first name but it aint Tom Hanks!!) was really disappointed as it is rubbish and obviously not at all what i expected....has anyone else seen this film?

the fast and the furious cappadocia streets
the fast and the furious turkey streets
the fast and the furious istanbul streets

No FasT No FuriouS

to make the next one more interesting.. they should throw some domestic tuners in.... the have ben adding more muscle cars.. but no domestic tunners..

also it would probly begin in japan as to conect with the 3rd.. and the 3rd was the best... had the most real racing.. no computer racing like the other 2 .they acctualy decided to hire real drivers

also i dont want to see brian again.. him opening a garage was the end of his story..

i would like to know what happened to mia and the rest of the crew from the first one.. maybe sorta like a prequil to the 3rd.. how vin got to japan and met the drift guys

fast and the furious 4? its gotta have turetto black and the snow man! no more muscle cars there ok in a straight line but corners no way dude jap motors for speed in straight lines and corners you think v8s sound good listen you cant beat a skyline r34 gtr or a rx7 twin turbo both kickin 1000bhp loud mother fu*kers

the fast and the furious 4 is going to be the best film ever i will die to see it i hope it will have michelle rodriguez and all of vin diesel's crew in it from the first one i want there to be loads more of the fast and the furious because its the best i can't wait for it to come out in the cinemas i will get there on the first day it comes out even if it is on a school day i wouldn't miss it for the world

i would die to see the fast and the furious 4 and i would love even more if it had Vin Diesel crew in it from the first one of the film and the cop in it as he will not be one and just be apart of the crew

Cuando van a sacar la 4 parte de la pelicula fast and the furios mi recomendacion es que sean los cuatro protagonistas anteriores pero que no sea la culminacion sobre todo que salga Paul Walker es el mejor

i like very much the all series of to fast and the furios i like the last one tokyo drift he came the best movie i like to see if that appears to fast and to furios worl race if the movie appears send me on my email when movie appears plzz

could you send me an email if vin diesel's crew from the first one is going to be in this new one please?

If there is a fourth movie then it should be the last one summarizing the previous movies. Black,Diesel,Walker, and Tyrese should all be in the movie and have flashbacks of what happen to everyone until they all meet up. A sick plot and alot of action with all different styles of cars. MUSCLE,IMPORT,EXOTIC,DOMESTIC, and for sure all the Miami tuners will go see this movie. Me and My car clbu Excentric Car Club of South Florida will do anything to help to make a fourth movie.

If you ask me diesel and paul should have been in all of them and they should stop half assing the films over finantial reasons because i know theyve banked from the last 3... And keep bow wow out.

tokyo drift is the best man i cant wait 2 see number 4 man and rx7 is the best car there

I've been dreaming about a Fast and the Furious 4 film. In an attempt to avoid all the gibberish I will get straight to the point about what I truly believe the 4th installment should be about:

BREAKDOWN of Tokyo Drift:
ORIGINALLY (supposedly), the third movie (Tokyo Drift) was supposed to be based in Mexico (where Vin Diesel ran away to after the first movie) and show how Vin Diesel's friend (apparently, Han) was in trouble with the Yakuza Mafia and Diesel went to Japan to help Han out. The idea was scrapped because - as the rumors have it - Hollywood didn't want to pay Vin Diesel what he requested so they had to change up the entire story. Not sure if these are reliable facts but it seems to make SOME sense, logically.

Like most people are saying, the 4th installment should take place where the 3rd installment ended with Diesel (or Black) winning the race (whichever makes for a better story). Neela's ex-boyfriend (Brian Tee) who was taken away by his uncle after the last race against Black should have a come back and attempt to get rid of Black. With this, Diesel will recommend to Black that they return to Mexico where Diesel meets back up with Michelle Rodriguez (and Don Omar, club owner) and picks her up in a latin club (there should be scenes with beautiful latin music playing with beautiful latin girls dancing). They should then return to Los Angeles to meet back up with Dom's friend, Vince, who (after getting out from the hospital from the truck accident at the end of the 1st installment) is now working a shitty job somewhere with no car and nowhere else to turn. Vince meets Black and makes some fun about Black being a country boy.

Vin Diesel and Black get Michelle Rodriguez and Vince back into the street racing scene trying to scrap up as much money as possible by racing all over the United States, eventually meeting back up with Paul Walker and Tyrese at a race somewhere in the states (maybe Houston! It's about time Houston shines in something other than our music).

In the meantime, Johnny Tran's family has formed a grudge against Paul Walker and Vin Diesel and moves back to Japan in an attempt to forget about the loss of Johnny. Someone in Johnny Tran's family is involved with the Yakuza and somehow gets in contact with DK (Brian Tee, the first drift king in Tokyo Drift). Brian Tee (DK) is now the new mob boss of the Yakuza (after getting rid of his uncle somehow or we could say his uncle dies of old age). With the old DK now the Yakuza mob boss he has more power and pull in Japan's underground crime world.

Johnny Tran's family requests the help of the old DK (Brian Tee) to help hunt down and locate Vin Diesel, Lucas Black, Paul Walker and the rest of the crew. In order for the Yakuza to lure them back to Japan they kidnap Mia from attending college in California somewhere (who, after all, was seen studying on her bed near the beginning of the first FATF). This sends Diesel and Paul Walker into a spin and they go to Japan to get Mia back. This causes Lucas Black to meet back up with Bow Wow (who is now hustling the streets of Asia like crazy) and Neela who is now a successful business-woman in Japan (or somewhere along those lines...maybe Neela has opened up her own car tuning shop).

Incorporating the help of their crew they go up against the Yakuza (in all sorts of crazy races but staying within reason (which seems hard for Hollywood to do sometimes), of course) in an attempt to get Mia back. With the Yakuza being the supposed "founding-fathers" of the VIPStyle scene they should introduce another breed of cars that are quickly on the rise...luxury-tuned LS 400's (Celsior), GS 300/400 (Aristo's), Mercedes, etc.

*Note: If you don't know about VIPStyle cars do your research people! It's hitting state side in a fury.

To sum it up, this movie should become a "reunion" of some sort. I think it will pump people up a lot more to see the movie and buy the DVD's. The movie should definitely be around 3 hours long. If Hollywood doesn't want to incorporate all of these ideas into one movie they should split it up into two parts (FATF 4 and 5).

I have a written script of this story and have copyrighted the material, so aspiring script writers DO NOT attempt to steal these ideas or you will reap the consequences. That's to say if Hollywood doesn't already have a story for the 4th FATF installment.

To all who have read this to the end, thank you for taking the time to have done so.

Brian Styles

i love vin diesel .he better be in the fourth one ...a was so pround wen he came to scotland in a kilt ! hes the best part of the fast and furious films..hes gorjus and sexy !! wehhaa xx

I would like to know what the 4rth Fast and The Furious is supose to be about.I think everyone from the first one of Vin's friends should come back with him and Paul walker. Have it be in New York or something. But make it so Paul Walker doesn't help police in this new one.

i duno but think that there should be a part 4 and it should be in lousisanaon some opean back roads

Ok I don't get why people in here were complaining about Tokyo Drift. It was, to my opinion, the best one in the series. The first and second one wasn't anything to my taste. I wanted them to create a movie about cars and nothing else, and that is what Tokyo Drift brought us. Now stfu and enjoy the next one that "might" be coming out.

I think for the fourth fast and the furious they should have to do a cross country run... meaning from the east coast to the west. u know, run from the cops, stop some idot from doing something, and in the end its all good. only they go cities across the us and deal with small time racers....

If BrianStyle is still around on this page then please read... Your comment was brilliant, I have been working out what he next one would be about and you have added what I thought also including more detail which is much better than I could of thought. I have added this page to favourites and will keep everyone (maybe hollywood scriptwriters) informed with my very own story. I know my idea wont be released as I am only '13'. Im going to start on my very own script aswell and maybe create some art like skecthes, drawings, maybe animations and so on. Im from England if anyone wanted to know. Thanks to BrianStyle for complety changing my mind about making a new fourth movie, now I have the feeling to actually get one with the script today.

the name to 2f2f is 2f2f rx

Will paul walker be in it?? hes perfect !!!!

Will be Fast and Furious 4 ???

Will Fast and Furious 4 ???????? Thanks..! Write on Email

i'd like to see 92-94 eagle talons as the stars for the next movie. id also like to see 3000gt vr4's hanging around. what ever happened to all the original badboy dsm's? i'd even be willing to put my talon in the new movie.

Tis all about the cars and the storyline, not just the actors get over it!

I think the fast and the furious 3 was by far the best. They should continue from where 3 ended, they should also keep Neela in it cuz shes smokin. I'd watch it just for her haha.

yo waz good vin diesel when you going to have your next move come out? becouse i want to be in your moves i love to act and dance to so holla at your girl linda your fane sweet sexy babyboy you are so fine and your body to lolo

the next fast and the furious is called fast and the furious down hill fury

I think it should be made in miami when brian and tyrese have there own shop and diesil comes down and walks into there store and then chills with them and that guy that got arrested in the 2 fast 2 furious gets out of jail and is comin after them

I think they should add in some Lambourgini's (preferably a Mirchealago)..some Ferrari's...what else is there...these cars that have been tweaked a bit( if that's even possible..or *gasp* a Lambo Mirch with Nos..that's a scary thought...just giving some ideas that I would orgasm over...

That's my dollar's say.

I was reading Brian's idea for a script. i am liking the idea of the 'reunion' I see people have got intrest and are still posting. I watched FATF today infact, and i have found 2 and tokyo drift really not as enjoyable. I like the characters and storyline in the 1st. Anyway, does anyone know if FATF 4 will actualy be made? and any rough release date? I seriously want mainly Vin and Paul to be in number 4, aswell as all the others from the 1st if possible. Someone please continue this and give more ideas and information. Many thanks

I think that they should start in tokyo first then they go to the states where all the characters meet and after that they go to mexico city where they meet don omar. They should use all types of cars from import cars, muscle cars and trucks. It should involve the mafia from mexico, U.S. and tokyo and some racers from Europe.

I think that i should be in the movie i have seen all three movies and i have some great ideas for the fourth one you want a hit please contact me,,, you

I cant beleive all you people who loved Tokyo Drift - that was such a waste of time compared to the other 2. That shockin accent of Black's really put me off. No street racer talks like that! tftf2 was my favourite-set in miami and starring Paul Walker and Tyrese AWESOME!They are so hot. I hope they bring out a 4th one. I watch the first 2 all the time and still love it.

I watched Toyko drift again because to be honest i couldn't remember too much. And i think it is okay, and is nearly just as good as 2F2F in my opnion. Can someone post some ideas?

i think they should continue the last race with vin deiesl and black. THen the 4th one should be called the fast and furious 4 LA pursuit. They should use all old school american muscle cars nad vin and brian should be main characters.


TOKYO SUCKS! MIAMI AND CALIFORNIA RULES!! [expletives removed - Richard] get out of tokyo and stop using [expletive removed - Richard] zip cars. go old school anad a supra wouldnt keep up with a blown charger that runs 9 seconds in a 1/4 mile and you cant dive 10 second cars on the road theyre ment for drag race. and granny shiftin is better then double clutchin in a drag race.wow.

i think that the series should go on like the freddy and jason series..

and it brings back characters along as they go.. and hit alot of the big cites .. then at the finale then tehy do a world race... yeahhhhhhhh but they need the hot girls in it =D

I really think that Brian and Tyrese should be in tff4where they open a garage in Miami and somehow end up in New York. I hope they can get enough budget to pay Paul and Vin now. What cool street scenes they could shoot in that city. Shaft Black altogether as he was hopeless but perhaps get Vin in with the other two up against some nasty mafia connections or something like that.

Hey im sorry but i keep hearing this bull on V8's thats not what the movies have been based on yet, and i dont think they should be changed to that because a bunch of get off to the sound of a V8 now trust me i like the bigger engines to and yeah they may beat the tuners off the line but when it comes down to a track which i think is alot better of a race. I say tuner all the way, i could care less about the mustangs, gto's, and chargers! I have 350z and my dad has a 69 shelby so your not going to set here and tell me that muscle is better then tuner because all that is, is a matter of appinion. one more thing the last race SUCKED! mustangs are ment for DRAG races.... not drifting with a dang nissan engine in it! But either way i think they should all meet up again VD-muscle speilner-tuner black-drifter Go F&F

Here is idea for movie name:

4 Times Faster

They should put all oldschool muscle cars in the 4th one. And you cant drive a 10 second car on the street, theyre to fragile. Make it like a 12 second car thatd be more realistic. And whyd they put a nissan motor in a mustang. Thats not cool.

I agree with jim! CUZ THE BUSTER KEPT ME OUTTA HAND CUFFS, HE DIDN'T JUST RUN BACK TO THE FORT....the buster, brought me back!!!! Old School Muscle Mania!
The New F&F should be called Muscle Speed!!!


Nice to see peeps still posting go up and see my messege also!

go on: www.aaspforum.com and allabout-sp.net and peekvid.com , you can watch south and on peekvid u can watch F&F 1 and 3.

well i can not beleve there is even talk about a forth fast and the furious they have covered every type of street racing and i bout there is going to be a forth so sorry guys i am a big street racing nut and dont think that even if thay made a 4th that there would be any money for it in the box office

Vin needs to be in f&f 4 but paul walker does to. They made this movie what it is in f&f 1. If they bring them back in 4 it will be a guaranteed smash hit.

eh. i loved all the movies but it sucks that the 3rd one wasn't even continuing the 1st and 2nd movie. i'm sorry if i don't make sense. i think they should've continued it. not create a new story.

eh. i loved all the movies but it sucks that the 3rd one wasn't even continuing the 1st and 2nd movie. i'm sorry if i don't make sense. i think they should've continued it. not create a new story.

If fast & furious 4 to be come it should have all four(diesel, paul, tyrese and black)since it's 4th part. The story can be that they make up a team and fight against the argentenian from the 2nd part who gets released from jail where paul and tyrese seek diesel's help to save their lives and diesel calls black for company. The movie wud be 2 gud if brought well..

The movie's name can be fast & furious fources.
Diesel paul tyrese and black shud be included as it's fourth part and will have the best 4 drivers. Races and action shud be given much much more than romance.

morons...that series sucks arse....get a life and a clue..v8's are where it's at.

stupid [expletive removed - Richard]..

i think fast n furious nr 3 was the biggest mistake they ever made, the story was bullshit. they must make a movie of the younger years of paul walker and tyrese tougether or just make a new story that paul walker is trying to catch the dude from fnf 3 as a undercover agent again but in the US and not in asia. and this time the subject circuit racing and not sprint, drag or drift.

i agree with the circuit racing but if a title is needed i would call it the fast and the furious: 4th gear

i think paul walker should be in it also

i want to starr in it

F & F is gay and so is everyone who watches that crap. Get a life people.

thats good news... but more like if Paul Walker and Vin Diesel would reunite to make the 4th installments... hey how about adding the chick from the PC game Need For Speed: Most Wanted...

i think the 4th movie should be called fast and the furious last lap

I think f&f 4 will exist and it will go like this. It will feature Paul Walker, Vin, Black and Maybe Tyrese. Lets not 4get no1 knows what happened to Johnny Trains cousin Lance, or the creep with all the money in part 2, or DK from part 3. They only made DK leave Tokyo. The villians will have to play a big part. They should catch up the gaps in time from part 1-3 between PAUL AND VIN. The racing will be GOOD anyways with all the drifting stuff and tougue now a days. The "World Race" or tougue idea isn't bad. It should feature skylines, rx7, silvia, supra... if I had to pick some american cars I would pic the (gt 500 & plymouth roadrunner from the end) IF THEY CAN JUST GET THE MONEY TOGETHER TO PAY THE ACTORS THE MOVIE WILL $ELL LIKE THE FIRST 1 IF NOT WAAAAYYYY BETTER. The problem isn't the plot. It's the characters the plot surround. The must should have Vin, Paul, and Black to even make it worth seeing. Then they have have good Villians.

number one was the best the other 2 sucked balls they were to cheesy

F&F 4x4 is a good idea, if they did 4WD trucks or AWD suvs or crossovers, or finaly put some subarus in there, and then do rally races or races on icey roads, F&F 4th gear is a good idea but most all the cars in the series are 5 or 6 speeds, so either F&F top gear or F&F overdrive would be cool

How do you get in a movie? I wan;t to be in Fast and the furious 4

does anybody knows for sure if there is going to be a 4rth movie? and if not how can we found out

I can't wait to see Fast and Furiours back with everyone from the first movie.2 and 3 where so cool, but there'is something missing and it is what happen with toretto.Somebody could tell me where can I get the feature from 2fast and 2 furious where brian runs with skyline against a ferrari?thanks

on the 2f2f dvd when you select play movie there are two options... the 1st being the one you want to select as it shows you the prologe, well that is how the U.K dvd works


I was at auditions for the movie!!!!! It was awsome, we had to bring our cars to see if they were cool enough to apperar as extras. My car is a blue EVO so look out for it in the scene at the Brooklyn Bridge, it was an amazing day they paid for all the food and drink we wanted and i got to know just about all of the story line!!

ok now i just want to say that they need to put all 4 guys in it and as for car put every guy in his style car like vin in muscle black in a jap tuner walker in the skyline and romen a eclips lol i don't know but i like the thought of somthing some one said about the they all open a shop i like that would be cool and have them steal cars run drugs whatever seems more fun to watch but they should bring there crews back as well like blacks crew with shit i can't think of the kids name but paul walker with Tyrese and vin with he's crew from the first movie now that i would want to see to bring them all back and together would be a hit i think but i watch it and it sucks i;m going to be mad i hate reading a movie it's not a book so please have them speak all in eng.

Man, I no were every one is coming from about all 4 of the characters coz there are all going to be in it. But Paul Walker dies and the story line is predictable. I know it because i was an extra for one of the car racing scences in new york!!!!!!!!! It starts were the 3rd left. Sean beats desil, in the race were tokyo drift left. A member from DK's crew trys to kill sean but desil steps in and ends up killing the guy with the gold 350z. They flee from Japan and while on the plane to Alabama there is a flash back of how sean meets Han. Desil is still wanted for the truck thing, so they drive to Miami were they become big on the street racing scene, with Desil still not met Paul Walker yet. Paul and Tyrese are called back to police station, and bribed to go and catch them. when walker meets desil it ends up in a street fight with paul walker being shot. Tyrse gets angry and decides to settle it with a race between them in New York, like a tag team race and tyrese chooses a new racer to race with him, and the losing team leaving town. Desil and Sean beat tyrese and Ross (unknowen Actor) forcing him to leave town. Tyrses tells Ross that he is an under cover cop and gets desil and sean busted in his revenge.

^^^^^^Plot Spolier!!!!!!!!^^^^^^^^^^^^

For the five movie should be set in Chigago in 08/09 so ief anybody wants to be an extra (Who would not?!?) and has a heavily tuned car keep ringing Universal Studio's for some dates

whene is the movie coming out in the movies

I was wondering i don't have the first movie and ive forgotten what type/ year and make the black american muscle was in the first was it a
shelbe gt 350 mustang

I was wondering i don't have the first movie and ive forgotten what type/ year and make the black american muscle was in the first was it a
shelbe gt 350 mustang

Hell no!!! The story line posted by jason is total crap. Nobody wants neither walker to die nor sean and diesel get busted.. that's a total bullshit prediction..

one q win is the frickin movie coming out i do t care wat the story line is about ill find that out when i watch it

The next fast and furious should have more exotics in it. Also I hope that every single good car doesn't get destroyed or messed up like in Tokyo Drift. I think that an exotic versus ricer theme would be cool. Whatever the movie is about they shouldn't have every good car get destroyed because it is depressing.

Roger, how can jason by lieing, the guy was an extra in the move!!!!!

oh yeah jason is so telling the truth thats exactly how its played i was an extra to i went to anarctica for one the sences they tell the extras the hole story line so that when we go home we can tell it to everyone we know and post it up so the hole movie is already known befor its even done...

I think the 4th fAf should be with diesel and walker. It should start with race between dk and diesle dieslel wins and dk crys and leaves.There should be more old school muscle cars. Thre should not b gay drifting. It should take place in miami again. OLD SCHOOL american muscle cars..for instance, 67 shelby mustang 69 vette 69 camaro and stuff like that..GO OLD SCHOOL FOR THIS ONE!!! WOOO!!

This is all so funny reading all these crazy ideas. I gotta say something. First off it should NOT be based on muscle cars. The Fast And Furious series has been about the rise of the Import world since day one. It's nice to have muscle cars in it but not all about it. No not all the characters should come back into one movie. That would be retarted and not original at all. And I have to say something to Derek who says his car is in the movie I really have to laugh. For the first movie no auditions for cars were used, they built their own. The second movie, they had auditions in 3 different cities and if picked they took your car for 3 months. The 3rd movie, they did not take peoples cars. The director had auditions in CA and only called in peeps he knew and sponsers. And so far sorry..there have been no announcements about auditions for the fourth.

I will said a 4 part of fast and furious will be amazing with Vin Disel and Don omar and paul walker should be in this movie. The should use more V8 vechicles should be Don Omar and Paul walker as a undercover cop using Rotary engines "famous engine in Puerto Rico thats were Don Omar is from" and Black with Disel using V8. It will be the most movie sale of the year because Don Omar is internationaly and the most Famous singer of Reegaton, trust me if nobody knows Don omar they should check is tragectory this guy sales thousand of concert ticket. Latinamerica will see this movie more than 3 times per person. Don omar and Vin Disel are the stars of every young mans in latinamrica, and making a street racing film it will be unbeliveble. Like i say will be the movie most sales in the year any film maker should make it but should be very steet racing from Drift to one on one drag racing. Will Be the Hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love these movies make another plz

i think the kid in fast and furious 3 has much more character than Paul Walker.

C'mon guys.. If walker gets killed and black, diesel get busted, do u think the movie will be a hit?? Harldy anyone will watch it then.. Since all want to have their heros race and win atlast.. This's not a sentimental series... i still feel that the storyline posted by jason is a rumour...

I like all the movies. I think the third fast and the furious went off the beaten path with the whole drifting thing. But it was still good. I thik for thr 4th movie paul walker and vin desil should meet up somewhere and start racing toghter. It should be all on racing. Also with some crime and hot girls.lol. But, I think there should be people from every movie in the 4th one. (except people from tokyo drift, that would just be stupid). Vin should be with people from the first movie, and paul should be with people from the second movie. That is just my opnion. (I think that would be pretty cool). The should be a BIG plot with a huge twist. Like mabye someone being a cop or something like that. But not Paul cause that would be the 1st movie. Well I cant wait 2 see the 4th movie.

yo homies fast n furiouses kick ass every time i watch them i get in ma car go down shilds in drag i love them cant wait till the forth one

what should happen is bring back all the ppls in a 4th or 5th movie, like deisel and the kid in the 4th, and brian and roman n all of em in the 5th..

umm you guys are a bit lame considering it already has been rurmered and posted on wiki


get over the fact that vin deisel... he was offered to
take part int he 2nd and 3rd he is just a lazy actor.
anyways i hope the new movie is to your likeings

they should make the movie with some real street racing with real chases..

i think that what ever it is called its gonna be just as good as the other 3 . paul would take the sense and star in it because he is cool

yeah forget the stupid redneck in the 3rd one i hate the third one it was gay.I think paul walker should go back as a under cover cop and dom should be hired and they both bust a bunch of crooks. But they can be street racing cops

make more thay r so good (the best films ever made so make more) plez plez plez

vin and paul ans stone cold steve austin would be a great pair of acters plus have bulit tooth tony from the movie snatch. he has a new movie with stone cold them four would make a bad ass fast and furios 4. but have bubba trucks american muscle,h & d's.

vin, paul, stone cold steve austin, and the guy from transport jason something. cocky personalities and rednecks. hot rods,muscle cars, buuba truck aka 4x4's. now got to have cool wrecks, explosions, and fight senes. with each wreck and explosion making you say damn. have tommy leee jones as the police chief chasing the outlaw racers.

i want paul and vin in the 4th. where vin finds paul in Miami or somthing or other and they team up again. oh and they need more supras, like bring the one from the first one in it again. oh yeah NO LUCUS BLACK!!! HE WASN'T GOOD AT ALL!!!

quiero q salga rapido y furioso 4

nin ajje loafer..........thu
i am akheeb the lover of dawn, imean nabeelah!

vin, paul, eva, lucas black, bow wow, and more should be in part 4 and verone should get out and and go after tyrease

I think every main character should be in the fourth vin,paul, tyrese and the guy from the third I am a young actor trying to get into the business and would love an oppertunity to be part of the fourth. I would really appreciate some information to any audition oppertunities and info about the movie
my e-mail:
lemme know somthin

I think every main character should be in the fourth vin,paul, tyrese and the guy from the third I am a young actor trying to get into the business and would love an oppertunity to be part of the fourth. I would really appreciate some information to any audition oppertunities and info about the movie
my e-mail:
lemme know somthin

all four characters for the 4th movie would be the best! diesel and black teaming up and running to miami would also be good. but not to kill paul. paul and tyrese should have their own parts shop or something while still doing the street racing and being at the top of the game. while diesel and black go there for some other reason. maybe an big race or whatever. and they meet the other two. diesel and paul have a fight but then something leads to diesel and black needing paul and tyrese's help. and then the movie will take off from there.

i record and edit videos professionally and often have to make up my own storyboards for a section of my video. I would love to get involved in this film.

hey how do get in tha movie as an extra ?

ithink they should called it faster than fast fury then furious

I think that if a forth movie is made, it will have Dom and Sean for sure. You can't get around that. Even though I think that Dom is the number 1 person for the Fast and Furious movies. I think that Brian and Rome need to come back also. Here's how I think it should start. At the end of Tokyo Drift Dom and Sean race right? Well Dom proves once again that the rookies need to practice driving more. Even though he wins he doesn't want to take over. If you remember Twinkie said that he's been beatin people all over Aisa, but why did he end up there and how? Well everybody leaves a trail for somebody to find. No matter how carefull you are. That's why Dom kept movin around so much. He was the king where he was and they found him again, so he ran where nobody knew who he was and started all over. Except in Tokyo he plays it smart. He denies the top spot of DK and Sean wants to know why. They go somewhere and talk about the past. Well Sean wants to stay in Tokyo because he has nothing to run away from. Dom on the other hand constantly has to be on the lookout for anybody suspicious. Kinda like Brian looking at Eva Mendes with a questionable look at the begining of the movie. Know what I mean? Anyway Whoever was looking for Dom for whatever reason has found him again. Now Sean wants to help Dom cause that's what Han did for Sean. Kinda like a in "memory of" or something. Anyway Sean, his girlfreind, and his crew helps Dom escape Japan, but just before he leaves Sean wants to go with Dom. His girlfreind protests but Sean says I will be back for you. So it begins. Sean and Dom travel north to Russia and then west to the U.S. racing anybody that challenges them or vise versa. Eventually crossing the North Atlantic Ocean and on their way to Florida. Meanwhile in Miami, Brian and Rome have made their names known in the street racing world. I don't think that Brian and Rome got jobs to try and save money for their shop. People from all around come to Miami to try and race either Brian or Rome. Here's the rules that Brian and Rome have established. The quarter mile race has been moved up to a half a mile race. That way you can push your car to the max. 4,200$ is the buy in price. No more than four cars a race. there are two other car races that Brian and Rome kinda made up. They are lap knockout and speed trap. Lap knockout depends on how many cars there are in the race. The buy in for this race is 6,000$. It is kinda like the beginning of 2F2F, but let's say there's four cars. You have to race around untill you are the only one left. Speed trap is on the freeway preferably at night. a 100 mile race north and south. Start in Miami and end In Miami. 8,000$ buy in. Well Dom and Sean finally end up in Florida and race everybody untill they come face to face with Brian and Rome. The new king versus the old king. Dom and Brian. Dom beats Brian by half an inch. Proving he's the king of the streets where ever he goes. At the celebration party where Brain and Dom catch up on old times, Rome, Tej, and Sean start to become friends. The party is cut short by CIA and FBI agents. Putting everybody in handcuffs and taking them to the station. Brian and the rest of the group then meet up with Bilkins again for yet another record "cleaning" task. Everybody is facing 100 years in federal prison if they do not agree and take the job. Well I think that the name of the movie should be Fast and Furious Dominic's Return. And if any way possible Bring back the Nissan Skyline that Brian drove in the 2nd movie. Use some exotic cars in this movie(Lamborghini, porsche, Aston martin, BMW, and a few others) but don't loose the traditional cars. These are just my thoughts on the movie if I were in charge. Dominic should come out on top. Why? Cause Toretto Fuckin Rules. That's why. Thank you for reading.

what would be tight is if all o the do come back of you remeber the second one when it went off they stole money and said they was going to build a shop well in the third one diesel comes on at the very end because haan was family okay what i think because if you remember the first one when it went off when diesel wrecked his dads car he told bryan that he would see him again someday okay sean and diesel race okay they form a team so does sean and rome with the money they had diesel and sean go everywere then one day diesel runs across bryan because hes been racing see i believe it will be bryan and rome vs diesel and sean they will race and in the end diesel and bryan will come back and they will be toghether well thats what i hope


wow eric..thats great i think you should make that 4th movie happen =]. i like your ideas.

wow eric..thats great i think you should make that 4th movie happen =]. i like your ideas.

Dose 3 movies where the shit so there has to be a 4 one

ever since the frist movie came out i all ways wanted to be in that movie i all ways wanted to drive one of the cars bu i dont think i will ever be in one of the movies that is like my wish to be in the 4th movie but yea if any one out ther has any one has new info on the movie plz e-mail me plz my e-mail is

i roughly know whT THE FOURTH ONE is gonna be like coz if you have played the game when you get to race brian it says he fled from miami coz things got heated and bought another skyline then met dom when he needed help with his car, dom had previously fled to tokyo and sean had became the new d.k neela and reiko made an all-girl drifting crew and the original cast meet up to take on takeshi and a new rival, verone shot tyreese and thats why brian fled so i think imho thats what the story is based on

wow. these people don't know how to read a forum. when it says posted by ??????? don't look at the name above the post. look at the name below. i stopped counting how many people keep giving credit to the wrong person.
oh well. like i said up there. Sean sucked. bring back Paul and Vin.

I think the fourth installment should be a prequel of sorts. In Tokyo Drift Sean asks Han how he ended up in Tokyo, and Han told him it was like those old Western movies where the the cowboys fled to Mexico, and that Tokyo was his Mexico. In the end Dom said he used to roll with Han and that Han was into American Muscle back when they used to roll together. I think the fourth movie should tell the story of Han and Dom, and as far as location it has to be New York. They have been in Cali, Miami, Tokyo, why not New York? It could start with what Dom did after Brian let him go at the end of the first movie. He could meet Han somehow in NY and explain Han's history. I thought Han was a slick, confident charachter in Drift and found him mysterious. It would be a great story to fill in some blanks as well as a sweet location that would allow slick imports as well as good old American Muscle.

Lucas Black,kicked ass in tokoyo drift,and yes the ending of the movie left you hangin serioulsy,but all in all it was a kick ass movie,I dont think Vin D makes the movie worth watchin,but he definatly increases the hype to go see it,he's a good actor and his charactor dom isnt someone u want be messin with,paul walker is ok and so is tyreese,but the 2nd movie was kinda bullshit,it was too much of a cop movie and not enough about the cars,cuz when you get down to it,fast and the furious is about the CARS!!I would like to see sum american mustle action in the 4th film,mixed in with a lil bit of drift.they definatly need to bring vin,paul,lucas,and tyreese back for the 4th installment of TFATF,as for a name,I really dont care,just bring on the hott gurls,and the fast cars,thats enough to make people want to see the movie.In the end,its either goin to be a hit,or a flop,so I hope the guys who put the next movie into production know wut there doing,lets pray the director for the 1st and 3rd movie get together and hook us up.Holla if u hear me!!

they should have the forth film based back in the 1800's. Be a race of stage coaches!

I think dom and sean should finnish the race and dom wins, dom tells him to come back to america with him. dom and sean meet up with his crew consisting of leon,letty,and vince.they find out about a big race around the US. they run into brian and roman.and they all form a tite ass garage.

I think for the first 20 min or so of the 4th installment or fftf,black and white flashbacks should take place,wut happend to dom and the krew after they fled, and how they new each other and grew up.how han was in his original krew and how he had to flee to tokyo.and roman and brian grew up jackin cars.and how sean had to move like every month.then it goes back to when dom was in the buick and the end of the 3rd and he beets sean. sean is impressed and is like how did u learn to race that good.since dom 1 he was offerd to become DK but he did not take it instead they talk about how han and sean got introduced. and dom talks sean into comming to america with him, because he hears about a huge eurasian race comming up with teams up to 10 people.they fly to puerto rico and meet up with long time friend of doms,omar married to mia,who is a big time drug dealer. they eventualy make it up into miami to a small race and see brian and tyreese runnin the show. they tell them about the race.at first there not that impressed with it because everything is fine,theyve settled in.but suprisingly verone gets outa prison. since he has hookups with evrything he finds out were tyreese and brian spend there time. as verone makes an assasanation attempt on brian, tyreese stops him and there now wanted for a murder. they agree to join dom,sean,and omar. wen they leave they ask so how many people can be on the team.dom says 10. wer gettin the krew back.as they make there way along the the east coast to N.Y. were they find lenny,leon, vince, and jessie(did not die from the first installment) they all agree to this challenging race. they go to canada(because since dom is still wanted in america he cant goouta the counrty) and get a plane to amsterdam, then make there way to madrid spain. were thousands of street racers over all over the world are. they meet and english gangster(jason strathan:transporter) who introduces them to a whole new kind of racing

If Diesel beats Black in the race, does he get Neela?

na he said imma cum get u after the race

I think it would be better with helicopters chasing cars, and air vehicles crashing. I think that would be cool. I mean, lets imagine an airplane or something chasing a car like a lamborghini and airplane just crashes the car. Don't u think?

Wouldnt anyone like it if they do it in korea, or somewhere close there? What i think is that a car jumping on top of another car. ㅋㅋ

All i got to say is bring the 1 st parts crew ill be the bomb have terretto brian suki the white boy tkyo drift and don omar and put awsome cars like the ones in all the movies of fast and the furious and I THINK FOR SURE FOLLOW THE STORY OF THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS GAME A LITTLE ITS GOOD

paul walker and vin diesel need to come back in the movie thats some more action and some nice's girls

i think it should take place in east la with a [expletive removed - Richard]load of surenos in it

GRAY AND BLUE FOR LIFE ESE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fast and The Furious: California Sprint i think dats da name for da 4 1 if no 1 metioned it yet

and ryan reynolds and eva mendas wer staring of sumin like dat

when is (bryan) comming back

eric, u're the pro. u can direct the 4th film dude..

I am also a big fast and furious fan and i believe the 4th must have toretto in it buht they just got to bring brian s. back and tyrese was a funny guy didint quite fit the roll but added some comedy to the movie , this time they should do like a european thing with mercedes bmw m3'and all that nice classy luxurious cars but fixed up with bad ass speed and bring the god dam nos back , that was a very big thing in the 1st one which was the best on i say they do a street thing like the original f&f

I think they should put Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Tyrese, and Lucas Black in the fourth one that would be so dred... consider that

i think its going 2 be a great movie. Both diesel and paul walker should be in the film, As well as tyrese. That would be the movie of the year. i know that theirs a lot of debate about what kind of cars, either tuner or muscle. But i think they should have both and even low riders to show all the different sides of the car world. They should mix it up and show the different sides of people and the cars they create. This film should take place in Los Angeles. That is the best setting for the next film

hay dis is schip (jus thaught id add my thaughts)

if they have more drift scenes this movie, id like 2 c more carollas and lexisus the look realy gud on film drifting. or alternativly the could go 4 a euro theme with those big german flashy expencive cars thad could be intresting not to mention sick as a dog!

n e way im off to watch telle (jus thaught ud like to no) but i cant wait 4 the next movie, even if the script n plots degrade, ill jus c it 4 the cars (the modified car scene seems to be soooo gud at the moment, even better than that of the second movie) so either way itl be sick


those japs in the first movie should team up with the 3rd movie yakuzas and dk .kamata f&f movies r Rocsssssssssssssssssssss oh yeah and more assss and strip clubs

brayab needs to be in the movie and don omar

You have to have Paul Walker in the 4th movie!! Hes the best and everyone likes him..You should of had him in the 3rd one too!

the fast and the furius RUULLLLSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the title shud b a strikin 1
jus waitin 2 cum fast n d furious ma altime favourite movie
jus luv it guys

I think that the next fast and furious movie should not only show races in just cars but in speed boats, 4 wheelers and other vehicles as well. Vin could be on the run in Japan in a speed boat with helicopters and boarder patrol chasing him.

i know what is the title of the story.it's the fast and the furious:london pursuit.i have the poster diesel car is toyota altezza.blue colour.

i know the title of the story.it's the fast and the furious:london pursuit.i have the poster in myspace

To my mind the fast and the furiuos 4 should be a continuation of tokyo drift when Sean raced with Dom. Then Sean should befriend with Dom and take a challenge to take part in Europe races as a team with Dom. There must be something that they didn't plan. And all the film would be how Sean and Dom did something.

What I think they should have in Fast and the Furious 4... First the title should be called Fast and the Furious: X(for Xtreme)Vin Disel and Black go back to vin's sisters house back home.. on there way they see a garage runned by connor and roman. they talk and they start a crew. They face rival crews and try to gain the whole city by turf and there is one major crew
Nightriders(basicaly like NfS Carbon storyline)

i think the the tilte should b 4ever fast and furious like they metioned before . it will be a big tournament in europe you get in with $10,000 and it consists that the tournament has 4 tipes of events that you have to participate:
2.1/4 mile
4.and the most intersting a race in italy that includes cops chasing you and with all the thing the cops have and if you get caught you lose.
the winner gets 2 million dollars and a european exotic car that they choose but im talking about that there has to be the main characters of the 3 movies and they all meet again in europe! vin diesel with his crew from the first movie and his sis . the blonde one with tyrone and more guys and the stupid one from the 3rd with bow wow and ohter chinese.
that movie would be awesoeme
but its a big time movie and it requires a lots of cash

its a shame they will never make this movie

what is the fourth one called

i reckon the fourth one is fast and the furious london pursuit

First of all, i wanna say F**k all the haters. Fast and the furious would always be the hottest movie out there no matter what! And now i think the fourth should have my boy Paul Walker as well as Tyrese in there. That would bring two strong world of racing together.... it'll be HOT

i dont care i just want to see who alls in it id really like to see paul walker vin deiesl in the 4th one and screw eroupe im talking about the good all USA in like hawaii man i can almost see it know fast and the furious 4 tearin up the streets up down in hawaii

I just searched some sites after the titel and they always talked about 'The Voyage Home' so i guess that's the new titel?

and i think that this story will continue where it all started anyway ... Where he met Brian O'Conner etc.. i hope anyway that we will see Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez again!

Slit your tires,
Not your soul!

vin should totally be in it not paul and they should pick up where they left off in tokyo probably

is there gona be faster cars and when is it gonna be out

Paul Walker and vin should be in the forth one.They make the fast and the furious alot better.

You guys are forgetting one of the most important guys Terese Gibson. Paul and Terese should be back with their newly opened garage that they said they would open in the second film.

I think the next movie they make they need to match it with the first one and the tokoy one and then make the final cut about the real thing about racing and how it should be done.. i have it all inmy mind and the cars should be off the hook not like the red line that sucked ass but still fast and furious is the best and always be the first one... so halla if u wanna know more about wht i think haha funny only a girl....

every one knows they should make the 4th and final cut to the movie and everyones right they should bring every one back for a big race. i mean if this will be the last one they need to make it so everything ties together and have a huge ending this movie should be off the hook................................................

i think dat u should do sum reunoin sort of thing where you star vin diesel, paul walker, tyrese gibson, bow wow, lucas black, and a whole new world in the new film but then again wot ever you come up with it will most probably b as gd as the other 3 btw thanks 4 bringing some of the best movies 2 light

I think the 4th movie should begin where rthe third left of with the race between vin and black with black getting a close win. The vin comes out and says something like "Yeah you got skills". (You know what I mean.) They become friends hang out then some stuff goes down with the DK from Tokyo Drift. Maybe he turns up with a crew have a gun fight Bowwow gets killed the the old DK invites them to some competition where different crews compete. Then Vin makes a phone call and Walker shows up they go into the competition and obviously win.

oh yeah and the DK says something about if his crew win black/vin/walker leave tokyo.

i cnt wait till number 4 to come out but you know it might not even come out i dont think they will make a 4th one cause if they were gonna we would hav alredy known about it and evey 1 stop making up shit about it.

Wot crap it takes a long time to make these films look at the gap between 2 fast 2 furious and tokyo drift p.s vin diesel makes these films he such a major part, love him

i think it would be cool to see deisal and sean from tokeyo drift team up and open a garage together. and sean introduces brian from the first movie and brian's friend played by tyrese. and go from there

i reckon the movie should be called
"4 The Fast and the Furious"
How cool would that be !!

i reckon they shud have to form a crew to take out a rival crew that have came and messed up the street racing world. also they shud show paul and roman with a garage opened up. i rekon vin and blak should be racing and come across the rival gang and then get humiliated and then give the motive to start a new crew to take them out involving - the old crew from fast and the furious including the japanease guy, paul and roman with ludacris :P and the chinease gal. then black and twinky from toky drift...vin has to try n find the locations of his crew racing rivals on the way for information :P

I think they should do one with all muscle cars.. Vin Diesel has a muscle car at the end of #3 and #1, so why not?

i think that Paul Walker and Vin Diesel must enter in the 4 film because the 1 film was spectacular, I think that the 4 film must be called furious speed 4: The Return

I definately think that Vin Diesel should be in this 1.Also Paul Walker should come back...I think that Don Omar is also gonna be good for the movie.If this is going to be the last sequal to Fast And The Furious, it should be called "Still Fast Still Furious"

I think if they make a 4th then it should be strictly be about street racing and not drug lords or undercover related that way we can see more of the principle.I liked the 10 sec races better drifting is all right but that just proves ur a better driver I like 2 see who has the better and faster car.

THe fast and the furious RULES!!!

i would say, tokyo drift is the best film of all, which has lot of action,. Its a treat to watch a dozen of cars drifting at night in the mountains....


would be waiting for the 4th part for more action.

Paul and Diesel need to be in the 4th one to make it good. When i saw the third one (although good) i was disappointed that they weren't in it.

Its Fast & Furious London Pursuit

I think it holds potential for some highly entertaining stunts & action, however I'm hoping they aren't counting on the stars & the action & having a decent enough plot too. That's where the sencond one took a dip.

yeh world race would be kinda cheesy for the fourth i think maybe they should go to england or russia for the fourth one becuase if u notice the series is about them traveling ff1 was in cali ff2 was in miami fl ff3 tokyo so if the fourth goes right back to cali or fl or even tokyo it wouldent make any sense

its called miami speed

I wish that the fourth film consist of the three film main actors making a film together. Or even making this film a series like prison break, lost, 24, csi, etc...
What do you think?

Well there was that TV program called DRIVE with Nathan Fillion, was pretty decent, but it got cancelled after 6 episodes.

never saw it

I heard some latino singers going to be in it.

If they do do a Fast and Furious 4 here are a couple of names for it.
Still Fast and Furious.
Fast and Furious When Worlds Collide.
Thats what I'd call it.

so, are they working to do the 4th film? Did you found a book with an article that says that they are working on the 4th film?



well i agree with the name "4the fast and 4 the furious" but i think thatd be kool if that AZN guy who gets taken by the fbi in the 1st movie is related in some way to DK and they chace VIN and BLACK to Europe Where they use Europein tunners and get into more shit when they find Tyrese and paul walker are doin the same thing because instead of escaping verone has a place their and was tipped that tyrese and walker are their and wants to get even so he recruts DK and the otheir AZN dude to get into the underground and real in the two and he isnt revealed till the end. but the movie turns again when he finds out that what he gets are four racers and thats when VIN's old crew has to come to europe and save the day get them cars and make a fat race slash drifting Break,(sick cuz some parts of europe have tyte streets) to get away all while keeping the semi comedic feal of the furst and second fast and furious to it

When is the Fourth Fast and the Furious movie comeing out


yow dats true i heard the movie was put into planing right after the third and been considered about from as far back as the start of three but because of financial problems even after seting a writer actual production of the movie could not begin

heyy guyss the new fast and the furious is called it could be called Fast and the Furious: Where in the World Did I Park My Damn Car?

I think the second fast and the furious was definitly the best movie, with all the cop action and stuff, the first one was good, disel i think u should return in the fourth, it would be dumb if you didnt!!

can any one tell me if there is going to be another fast and furious? if anyone knows then can you please emaill me, cheers jonny

ok here is what is going on vin will be appearing in the movie as well as other actors!!! don omar will be producing the soundtrack i just got back from the wharehouse and you guys are going to be surprised with the cars!! i think we are going to have a good time fliming this movie just like we did in the first one but it will take sometime!!!!

I hope that this film will be as interesting as the other ones. I wish this will be a 3 hr film :) .

I heard that the 4th one is fast n furious:London Pursuit. anyway not sure bout that. but if that's the case i'd like to see jeremy clarkson in the movie. he's really funny.

i think universal should keep makin faf movies till no one watches them no more i think a good name would be still fast still furious
i like tuners but i agree in their should be more muscle they should also have some lifted shit i.e. 77 dodge powerwagon on 40 inch swampers some shit like taht and it should have tyreese deisel walker black as well as neela, mia, letty, and agent fuentes that would be a kick ass movie!!!!
am i rite???

Why do you stalk films you film stalkers

the new movie has a code name CALIFORNIA SPRINT don't ask me to reveal my sources but i can say they are very reliable.

fast and furious london pursuit is the name

hey guys, i think that Walker, Tyrese, Dom (Vin Diesl) and Black join up in japan or back in america and have to face the one crazy asian dude in the 1st movie along with the dude from the second and have a new DK show up and be a dipstick like the one before. I cant wait till they make it, if they do make it

i think they should make the forth one about Deisels and Hans story about the past when they both went round with each other, that would be kool,

orr they could take the girls out of the second and third one and make a porno :D good idea hey :) they could call it:

"The Extremily Fast And Furious Sex scandal"

hmmmmm very good idea there james, i like your ideas. there definately needs to be a fourth one

well first off, i think the 4th movie should be called fast and the furious, ride or die. they should bring back all four of the main charactors. vin, paul black, and tyrese. and maybe even luda. by first showing a quick couple of scenes or flash backs of how dom and han came to be friends and why they split. maybe make it a dream of doms. then show what dom had been doing the whole time untill the end of the 3rd movie. as well as what what walker and tyrese had been doing after the 2nd one until the 3rd. maybe open there garage. then have black and diesel need a place to hide fron the cops. or even dk. so he gets in touch with walker and they all reunit in the u.s. and then take it from there.

so is a 4th movie even a for sure thing. and if so is there any kind of casting call.

i think the name of the moie should be THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS:ANOTHER ROAD and shoul definitely be starring vin and lucas and paul and tyrese but like they finish the race that begins at the end of tokyo drift and then they become friends then luke and vin go bak to usa then meet up with tyrese and paul and then a unch of crap happens anyways this movie is gonna be hella sick and to spooky how the hell is han gonna come back in #4 he blows up in tokyo drift

oh yea and people if you dont remember tran dies he falls of his motorcycle remember?

da nu 1 is called the fast and the furious california sprint

da 4th film called Fast And Furious 4: The Voyage Home

Ya I think That Fast and the Furious 4 should have brian, dom, roman, and sean. They are all pretty awesome so they should all make a new team one can drive a muscle car another could drive a euro car another could drive a japan car and probably roman could drive a u.s car. The only thing that i have hated through out all 3 of the fast and the furious movies would be in the second film pual walker has to play all gangsta when he is around rom. Like for example when he uses the word cusin he says "CU" WTF is up with that.

they should do that han and vin diesel story thing and then have this movie star The Game in it and he could burn everybody in his 64 impala cheeaa boi!!!!

i think the girl that play nena shold still be in, fast and the furious 4

Its been a long time, and I'm back. This movies as to be the epic of the whole entire fast and the furious 4 franchise. Vin diesel is back and the fans are happy. It's time to step it up hollywood. This movie has to be big budget and you only have a short time to make it. I want mostly imports and muscle united together for one thing, the race. It's time to collide both world together drastically. if have mostly muscle, Im not watching it, if it has 50/50 tuners and muscle I'm watching that, just like the end of F&f 3

i think that paul walker (brian o conner) should appear in the 4th fast n furious with tyrece gibson (Roman Pearce) n vin diesal and Jordana Brewster who was in the first 1.
now that wood be a good film if they all was back together

I want all the actors to appear in this film. that's cool!

I want all the actors to appear in this film. that's cool!

i think that they should start the movie with the story of hom between diesel and the other characters

I Reckon Chad Lindberg (Jesse) back in this one as well as Vin Desil (Dom).
We would also like to see more of the ever popular Brian'O connor not as the mian charecter but as a star come poeple think wouldn't u like to see Brian agian. And yes Dom should be the mian charecter

Just incase anyone dosen't know yet, it if confirmed that at somepoint the fast and the furious 4 will be made, and probably alot of it will be set in Brazil.

CALLING ALL FAST AND FURIOUS FANS - Studios have just released a memo with Fast and the Furious 4 marked for production before next year, and with a Director attached!

Read the story here.

i think that they should have vin, paul, and the new guy 4rm tokyo drift race then bring bak like the old DK.


Ive only scoped through the first 20 or so posts in this thread...so if any of what i say seems copied...my bad. But yh...IMO the film would be perfect in london, here's how i think it should go...first of all the race between dom and shawn proceeds...then have say a 20 min flashback of dom's story with han...dom joins shawns crew or visa versa...then something big happens and they end up in london...dom contacts brian some how and brian comes to london along with tyrese and a shit loada cash from their garage/buisness or whatever they did after 2f2f...then they join together to take out a rival gang...loadsa fighting, shooting, racing etc...not too sure how it should end but im guessing that as this will probably be the final for the series there could be a tragic death or something along them lines.

also the movie title (i think) is The Fast And The Furious: London Pursuit
^^unsure if it is an official poster or not tho

if there's any updates to the F&F4 subject...cheers

Candy-Man :D

if the fast and furious comes its going to be bad ass

im very excited, for the 4th movie.. i think i would be pretty cool to see, dom torreto, brian oconnor and roman pierce and shawn bozwell all star in the movie, im tellin u if u do that this 4th movie will be a "5 star" movie!

Hey would anyone know how to go about trying to get a role in this movie? I love the fast and the furious series and I always wanted to be a movie star! But seriously though any help would be appreciated!

i love da movie so much and i think the 4th movie should be called (still fast still furious) im glad dat vin is back and hope paul walker is in it to.

u can call it
so fast so furious
more fast less furious
still fast still furious;tokyo sprint
or fast and the furious;tokyo sprint or drag

man there should be anothere one cause that would be kick ass

Should be on cinema earlier noxt year.....

i love the fast and the furious, although i have an idea for the 4th one with i would like considered. this sequel should be done in reverse and with their eyes closed.This would make it more entertaining. GO VINIE! and i think the next sequel should be called = im so fast and im more furious - look at me mom.

thanks for your time.
Neggar Nahasapeemapetilon.

the title for the movie should be 4 The Fast and for The furious

fast and the furious californa sprint

sounds good i would take part of it if some body enter me in fast and furios 4 . there is a place in malta that would be good for great cars to run e-mail me on

fast and the furious is one the best racing movies

WoW!!! FAST AND THE FURIOUS 4 WOULD BE HOT!!!!! I would love to see all the stars of the first team mix with eva mendes and the cop from the the first and secong ff, and even sum of the poeple from tokyo drift, then add a few people like don omar, tego calderon, and daddy yankee, and throw them in to a place that starts the movie out in brazil so there would be a lot of fine women, then they would meet up get to gether in different crews that are strapped for money, here a bout a billionares challenge, and needing the money, they all enter in which then puts them in europe and they have to go to alll these check points like in the gumball rally, so then you could have all of the villians enter in to and just create the greatest movie known to man!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!! 1

does anybody knows whats the red car Paul Walker is driving in the clip before the 2fast 2furious begins

it should have alot of old muscle cars like the dodge charger and the 70 camaro

..They Shud Bring Bow Wow(twinke) in the 4th fast and furious!

..It should Be Called The Fast And The Furious Voyage Home

The new Fast and the Furious should be badass...I hope that Jessica Alba is going to be in it.?!!

tzolis george, that's a prelude.
Did they begin to work on the 4th film or they are just thinking about how is it gonna be?

Hey David, the fourth one is getting going - Director, Diesel, Walker and now even Brewster are all on board.

I have the full plot reveal on the site too - worth reading if you're a fan.

Update: Sorry, that was the wrong link - fixed it now!


Bosnian - have a look at my comment right above yours, it has a link to the full plot reveal.

Walker and Diesel are in and Brewster is in talks.

Looks like filming will be next year.

I think that it should be based in Australia like that guy said, and they all race muscle cars. imports suck. they can meet up at summernats, where the cops track them down and they're on the run while trying to contact old friends like Letty, Jesse, Vince and Sean. there's plenty of muscle-car street racing in adelaide.

the new fast n furious is being filmed..... i saw a couple of muscle cars and a film crew for it on i75 alligator alley today on the way to a job sight.an orange 69 gto judge

i think mia (jordana brewster) should be back, she made the 1st one so good, without her i think it would not have been as popular. two things guys like, cars and girls, nd i think she is the best girl for the job. again.

Yeah, ludacris used to have girls with him, everytime you see him, you see girls

hey what do you say about this? which cars do you like most? The new ones or the old ones?
GT-R34 or GT-R35?
Evo9 or Evo10?
I don't like the new ones as much as the old ones. The old ones are much nicer

Got some images to lead us to David so that we could talk comparisons?

Well i have to say that the last fast and the Furious movie was good and the next one should be titled "fast and the Furious Drift King" because at the end of tokyo drift when Vin returns and races the new Drift King. that should be at the start of the new movie then brian o'connor returns with the skyline and they all race to be the drift king. if any movie producers has any questions for further ideas plz contact me at

oh come on just go to google and search on these cars: GT-R34, GT-R35, Evo9, Evo10.

nissan skyline GT-R34 or GT-R35?(one of these)
mitsubishi lancer Evo9 or Evo10? (one of these)
what do you say?

tell me what do you think about the previous message

I think that all the charicters from the fast and the furious 1,2 and 3 should be in the 4th one

and i think the mitsubishi eclipse,nissan skyline and the red lancer should be back

fast and the furious rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if u type in seans red lancer ix on google it comes up with you tube of someone doing it on nfs carbon

i reckon that the 4th fast and the furious should have lots of imports and exotics and some mucles

hey mates, I want some help from you guys. I have 2 compomotive wheels at the front which are 13inch and 7inches wide, and the tyres size are 175/50 R13. At the back I have 13 inch wheels but 8inches wide. Can you tell me what size of tyres can i buy so that they will have the same profile as those at the front or at least similar profile, and from where pls? please help me guys.

10x for your help. I saw your heart

Ok, so far I like what I hear. I agree with the choice of characters, but I'm afraid if they don't get more muscle cars, I'm going to give up on the franchise...Would any one have any complaints about a Hemi Cuda, or a '69 Chevelle...Isn't that one of the key things that made TFATF1 so great?

OMG...OMG..OMG..OMG i sooooooooo totaliii kant wait 4 the fst the furious 4 itz kumin ou in june next year woohoo....!!!!

imao.....duz ani1 lv sportz cars lyk i duuu if u duuu which u prob dunt let me knw k.....mwaah xxxxxxxx is bowwow gna be enit ma m8z askin xxxxxx

the movie will be called the fast and the furious california sprint...

hell yea i would like another fast and the furious ASAP! Becuz i love street racin period. thats what i wanna do when i grow up....the film directors and the characters of these films are FANTASTIC!!!!! Please im beggin you all to make the forth part...i will donate money if i have too..

Well, there's an ad for extra casting for the movie in the Bakersfield Craigslist, but I dont see any mention of it being legit????

Really? You got a link for that PC2008?

oh dude! that would be great!
having fast and the furious 4 would be again a big hit for car lovers and race lovers
i wish that the film would already be shown.

fast n furious 4 awsome it will b gr8 wth desial in n walker by da way lets hope dat der is so cool rides

it will be fast and the furious london persiut

wot is tokyo drift about paul vin nobody in it is a good 1 but better if paul or vin was in it


uumm....... hopefully imports will b in this video because it started with imports it has have imports all this time hopefully there will b imports. i hate muscle bt i guess a couple wnt b dat bad bt evn if its gonna b in brazil it has to have imports like new skyline r35 or da 1998 supra

I got some spy vids for some of yall on this forum...just some race scenes...http://www.fquick.com/videos/Tritin_Multimedia:_Fast_and_the_Furious_4_Spy_Footage_/5525....and...http://www.fquick.com/videos/Fast_and_the_Furious_4__SPY_FOOTAGE_3/5767

got make the next fast furious 4 man and gotta put a Nissan skyline,

It would tight if they make sure they put a more honda and acura in the mix...gas prices are high...four cylinder engines are going to be the most popular going into the 2009 year...the year the fast and the furious hit theaters...They got time tho...They have over a year to add stuff to the movie...

i think the fourth should be about the battle between American and japanese cars.. it would make for a very interesting movie, am a lover of both but kind of weighing on the japanese cars. but it would be good too see the mixture of both, don't you guys think so?

Matteo, the film is well into production. If you go up to the story and look at the line underneath it that says:

Tagged with: Fast and the Furious : Fast and the Furious 4 : Vin Diesel

Select the Fast and the Furious 4 link there and you'll see all the stories on the site, including the latest ones on the filming with video from the set of the cars in action.

HEY all good ideas but i have all the movies and i think it should be the fast and the furios: New York Sprint oh yeah bring don omar in the new installment and bring ludacris back he is my homie

the 4th movies is called....fast% furious.. saw a preview of it today...its going to be bad a$$

well oi think that number is going to be better then then most of them as vin dinals is in it

Hey im the biggest fan of all the series of fast and the furious and its my dream to drive these kind of cars,
i think the Actors,directors,producers and the rest crew has sone a awesome job and i also wish that this
series should extend with new diffrnt stories.im eagerly waiting fr the 4 one to come and also glad to hear
its releasing in 2009.Its my wish that i can see the live making of the movie but i knw its nt poss as i live
in INDIA.Neways guys keep up the good work and god bless you.BEST OF LUCK.

LOOK EVERYONE the fourth film has been delayed for some time and i work if film making at C.L.HUNTETR's
production company the makers of tokyo drift may sell the film to C.L.HUNTER who may take the film on after all he has more then £190 billion so youll
see the film around may or june 2009

fast and the furious u the best film ever

well i cant wait to see the new fast and the ferious

did u kno that in the fast and furious movie were it say alabama its really not! its really in mexice. its in magdalena dekino i kno cause i saw them i met vin diesel! hes so fucin cool man if i were a girl i wiil be up on him no homo though

Who did the film company hire the cars from to do the film

y does the 1st f.n.f have paul and vin in it the 2nd has paul and tyres the 3rd has none of the same actors in it except vin at the end for 2 sec and then the 4th is vin and paul again and then they dragged that japanese guy from tokyo drift in it who was suppost to be dead from his car blowing up wit him in it. i thought he was dead y did they bring him back in the 4th wit vin, paul and michelle? i think they should have put tokyo drift as the four cuz most of the same actors r in 1,2 and 4. if they made them go 1,2,4 then tokyo it would of made more sense cuz then they could of introduced the japanese guy in the 4th let him live till tokyo drift then kiiled him off like they did in tokyo. it would of made more since and it would of stayed wit the story line. so i think fast and furious 4 should of came out before tokyo drift.. if any ones got the answers to why they did it that way plz cuz im confused let me no and or tell me how u think it should of went.. thx



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