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Clooney in Seven Samurai remake?

GeorgeClooney.jpgRumours are rife that the Weinsteins are planning to remake the Akira Kirosawa classic Shichinin no samurai (The Seven Samurai, and alongside that are the George Clooney casting and CGI fight scene rumours. This has to be the craziest thing I've heard and I, like other movie writers on the Net, am positively dreading the idea.

According to Monkeypeaches.com through CHUD the rumours are...

...the Brothers W are hot to remake the film, adding CGI-assisted fight scenes... ...they were at the Cannes Film Festival courting Donnie Yen to come aboard their projected 100 million dollar project... ...the idea of having him in the film (as the lead samurai, Kambei, some Hong Kong media is speculating) has come up, along with the rumor that Zhang Ziyi might be cast...

Like Devin over there I think this is most likely false. It could never work. However, here's a possibility. Would the Weinsteins be pitching a movie using the Seven Samurai in their tag line, you know like "it's a modern day Seven Samurai or Magnificent Seven?". Imagine that crossed with the Oceans idea. Magnificent Seven in the modern day played with an Oceans strong cast?

Sure they could never touch on the original, but...Obviously the original idea is a crazy rumour, but could it be just a misheard conversation and not too far from the truth? A modern day Magnificent Seven\Seven Samurai in an Oceans size cast and production?...



Or how original. The film has only been remade three times. "The Magnificent Seven" (A Magnificent film indeed), "Battle Beyond the Stars" and "A Bug Life"! And that's not including the three Magnificent Seven Sequels and TV Series.

Of course Morbius, actually that makes it fit ideally with the Hollywood new project model...it would be the ultimate remake\sequel\revitilisation\revisualisation\regurgitation...

I just knew you would be here Morbius!

You are very sarcastic in a good way recently Rich! ;-)

I havent seen the original yet so I cant really comment.

Ocean's 7?

I'm wetting myself in terror at the thought of it.



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