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Bana wants to be Hulk 2

EricBana.jpgEric Bana is now saying that he likes the work he did in Hulk and is keen to play the role again, although no one is talking about offering him the role again.

"Look, I'm really proud of it. It's actually one of those movies that people come up to me and say, 'I just saw it on DVD and wow, it's pretty incredible.' "..."I would like to see him take on a less serious tone. That's just me personally. I would probably like it to be a little lighter.

I'm surprised he's so keen to get back into the CGI suit again, but that's what he's said over at MTV through Jo Blo. It also surprises me that everyone is so positive that the film needs to be dummer - was the problem in the first Hulk that it was too intelligent? Hardly.

The first Hulk had an actor who was far too over the top playing a rubbish villain that was badly visualised, also I thought Bana was far too wooden in the role and didn't give anything out. Then there were the silly mutant dog scenes, oh it all just went a little too daft for me, hardly intelligent. The strengths were to be found in the character moments with the main actors and the interplay with the Army.

Are we likely to see Bana back as a dumber Hulk?



I think Bana should look at other serious roles after giving us such a brilliant performance in Munich. He's got so much talent, why waste it on a superhero film?

Wasn't the real problem for Bana Ang Lee directing, and might it not be a case that now someone else is coming in Baba isn't so averse to taking on the role again? Most actors seem to struggle to be diplomatic in talking about working with Lee and a common theme is that (a) he doesn't talk to them, expecting them to just get on and do their job and (b) he insists on take after take after take. There was talk around the time of the Hulk movie release that Bana was having to do 100 or so takes of many shots - and frankly it looks on some of the shots that it was take no. 100 that was used - I think I'd be wooden too after repeating a line so many times.

Good points Ian. I'm sure that would have affected Bana's desire to come back to work with Lee again, but did it affect the poor performance of the film at the box office? I don't think so, you really don't get a sense of those kind of problems when you're viewing it.



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