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Another Stargate movie?

Stargate_Poster.jpgStargate is a sci-fi story that has just gone from strength to strength, and now the co-executive producer, Brad Wright is talking about the possibility of a new movie, amongst other things.

Over at Sci-Fi Wire has the quotes:

"What we've built is now bigger than all of us," Wright said. "Even if I were to not do the movie, I know somebody is going to do a Stargate movie. It's the second largest franchise for MGM next to Bond. So it's got significant brand potential...

...I know there will be a movie made," Wright said. "I know there will likely be another series made, whether I make it or not. It's just too good a vehicle for storytelling. This is exactly what Jonathan [Glassner] and I recognized 10 years ago, when we created the series. The Stargate is dramatically, and in terms of storytelling, a perfect vehicle from which to launch characters and tell stories. That's why it will go for years to come."

I think to a degree the film has been forgotten about and I think that's a shame. Sure the characters have been copied for the series and continue on, but that never caught the same feel for me. The series became too light hearted for me. I really enjoyed the slightly bigger and heavier tone to the film and I'd really like to see that back. I'm not saying the film was fantastic or the series was bad, but I prefered the movie feel to that of the series.

I'd really like to see a second Stargate movie with more money invested in it. Actually it might be good to see if they could pull a Star Trek on the movies and return that movie feel with the series cast. I don't know if that would really work though. Would a second movie be a good thing and should they think about recasting for it?



I'm not a huge fan of the show but what I've seen I've liked very much.

But it would have, I think, many of the same problems that the X-Files movie had. It has so much back story now that they would have to balance between existing fans and supporting and rewarding the established storylines they know and love, and also bringing in John Q. Movie Fan who just wants to see a flick this weekend.

Can they also make it accessible to him without revamping it too much so as to be required to recast and/or revamp the format to the point that it's unrecognisable by any previous standards? A tough one.

I do agree though, it should be darker and more all-threatening than it has been represented in the show as of late.

I loved the Stargate movie, as for the tv series, I never really got into it when I still had access to tv. When I saw Richard Dean Anderson, I always think "oh look, it's MacGyver!"

I would definitely want to see whatever happened to James Spader's character- that's another underrated actor, who has so much talent to give. I am sure Kurt Russell wouldnt mind coming back especially after the fate of Poseidon?



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