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Another Blade Runner Final Director's Cut

RidleyScott.jpgA new cut of the Blade Runner movie is to be released, this being the definitive, final, Director's Cut by Ridley Scott. However it's not going to be as simple as just picking up a new release, oh no, after all there's money to be made here.

Scott has always said that he wasn't happy with the Director's Cut given to Blade Runner, saying that it was rushed and unable to devote the attention it deserved, but he's not been able to due to rights issues. Now that's sorted and there looks to be a series of releases.

From Sci Fi Wire comes the proposed schedule:

The restored "Director's Cut" will debut on home video in September and will remain on sale for only four months, after which time it will be placed on moratorium. Blade Runner: Final Cut will arrive in 2007 for a limited 25th anniversary theatrical run, followed by a special-edition DVD with the three previous versions offered as alternate viewing. Besides the original theatrical version and director's cut, the expanded international theatrical cut will be included. The set will also contain additional bonus materials.

So we'll get a remastered current Director's Cut, then the new edition then a full box set. Yes fans, wait for the full box set, although it's likely to be late into 2007 it sounds like the version that will be worth waiting for.

What I'm sure we're all interested to see is how much different Scott's new cut could be than the previous ones we've seen. Surely this has to be the most revisited release ever?



Is it okay to say I havent seen this film ever? Or should I just have kept that useless info to myself? *winks*

Wait a moment, a minute... a second.

This is the most anticipated and expected DVD edition EVER.

And it is confirmed! This is GREAT news!

Simone, Did you just say that out loud!!!?

Most film buffs I know just wouldnt say what you just said. But then again... ;-)

Peter, surely an exageration? The original Directors Cut was little different from the original other than the Unicorn scene and the cropping of the tacked on ending. Do we really need three versions in one package?

Not really the new version, Morbius, but a complete and nice Blade Runner DVD release, with at least the two previous versions and extras, well... it´s the most awaited release after Indiana Jones and Star Wars. It was about time.

Morbius, the lying has to stop, so yes, its true, I havent seen it, so I guess when this DVD gets released, I will see it then. Is it really that good??? Wasnt it voted as the best sci-fiction film recently?

No, it's not that good Simone, it's better. When you finally get to see it then everything else you have ever seen will seem so old hat. All those movies will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.

Surely this has to be the most revisited release ever?

As long as you don't count Orson Welles' films, several of which exist in multiple versions, some of them posthumous (e.g. the 1990s revision of Touch of Evil), then yes it is.

I saw Blade Runner for the first time in over a decade a few weeks back. That's probably the first time I've seen it where I actually kind of liked it. Hitherto I've always thought it was monstrously overrated.

The whole business with the rights to the film mystifies me. As I understand it, the film was taken over in its final stages by the completion guarantors, who hated the thing. Apparently it's been them who've held up this "real" director's cut of the film for years and who only grudgingly let Scott do his first revision of it back in 1992 (and wouldn't give him the time or money to do it). I just don't get it. If these people really hate the film as badly as they're claimed to do, why not sell the rights to someone else who actually would like them and would treat the film right? (You know, like Ridley Scott himself, for example.) Or did they enjoy the money they eventually made off the film from video and DVD sales too much to give it up?

does this mean we get the version with the original narration by Ford? I HATED the directors cut because the narration, which in my opinion gave the film a better ambiance, was cut out. If they put it back in, its worth buying.

Hey carl. I think we'll see both versions in the ultimate box set, which is superb news I think.

Okay, I bought Blade Runner: The Director's Cut during a sale in Virgin Megastore recently and was really excited to see the film hailed as the Best Sci-Fi Film for All-Time. I wished now that I had seen this film when it first came out in the 80's, and not 27 years later when I have seen so many other sci-fi films that were influenced by it and when you figure out way early in the beginning who's who and what's what.

I would be interested to see the theatrical version which according to 2 other huge Blade Runnerenthusiasts I know is better than this one. Towards the end of the film, I did like the speech by Roy Batty (wonderfully played by Rutger Hauer).



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