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Li and Statham on Rogue

JasonStatham.jpgI liked the film The One with Jason Statham and Jet Li, but then I like both actors anyway, particularly Statham, and love action films. So despite its flaws it was fun. So the set visit report to the latest Li and Statham movie Rogue provides some exciting titbits for the coming film.

Coming Soon are the ones on set and describe the few scenes they witnessed, and it sounds like it is set to be a quite brutal action film.

This time, they get to show off their fighting techniques in the action-thriller that tells the story of FBI agent Jack Crawford (Statham) who becomes consumed with vengeance and retribution after his partner and his family are murdered by the elusive assassin Rogue (Li). Rogue reappears a few years after the horrific event and sets off a chain of violent crime wars between Asian mob rivals, the Triads and the Yakuzas. When Crawford and Rogue finally meet face to face it's a showdown that will unravel their past.

Is how they describe the film. Come on, doesn't that sound exciting already? Then when they get talking to the stars. Statham puts it very well...

"It's no good to use martial arts against a master like Jet Li. I would look stupid," Statham told us. "But more to the point, Crawford's like a very sort of angry man. He's very emotional with his action, so it's not so controlled and stuff done in the past. He's definitely a more violent person, and it's pretty reckless what he's doing. You know, he shows no mercy. Yeah for me it's great because the past action movies that I've done, it's always, to me, been a little diluted because of the PG rating. My favorite action movies have always been an R..."

Li is a bit more conservative with his words...

"It's big revenge. Even though I personally hate it, it's crazy revenge. It's violent. People revenge, kill people. Not just normal killing. It's very violent. Very violent,"

Oh, this sounds a total treat for action fans, and seeing these two guys together again will be superb. I think Statham is one very cool action star, he just needs to pick his films a tad more carefully. Let's hope he has here.

The writers suggest that this could turn into a trilogy, but rightfully they put that choice firmly with the fans. It's up to them they say, if they come to see it we'll do more. So far, I know I'll be there guys.




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