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Last Blood

Film Four Stars

Last Blood was an interesting short from Dead by Dawn that really was dying to be something much more, but it worked really well in this format.

A lone archer attacks some Predator like beasts which also suggest some vampiric tendencies. He kills them all but one, and as he prepares to hunt the last beast down he listens to an old audio tape talking about important architecture. Then the final hunt begins.

LastBlood.jpgThis film has quite a feeling of Omega Man, and it portrays ideas very well without actually having to explain to the audience. For example it was easy to pick up that this was the last hunt, and that perhaps he represented the last human who just keeps on fighting.

It's well written and directed and looks like it had a lot more invested than it really did. The special effects are pretty impressive with the creatures looking pretty realistic.

The main fight scene in the film is perhaps lacking full commitment, but it again outplays its time and budget limitations.

Although there's a little ambiguity with the ending, the little additions to the story just make it so much better, for it's hear that we hear the background tape slowly run down. Excellent touch.

Some of the cast and crew were on stage to talk about the film and told us that there was nothing genre based coming out of Italy just now and with the current situation it's just crying out for horror on the big screen. They said they wanted to do something to address this and show that they should make a film to address this.

The two most revealing comments though were that the group of filmmakers were actually making comedy before this film, and that the credits are extra long because they loved the music, so they just kept repeating their names.

So just to round it up, good style, nicely filmed with superb effects, strong idea and some nice subtle touches. Definitely worth catching.




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