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Will Smith in It Takes a Thief

WillSmith.jpgThe all round superstar Will Smith, who has already announced he's giving up Hollywood, has signed up to star in a new film, It Takes a Thief.

The film, according to Empire, is based on an old television show of the same name...

It would take a stretch of the memory to recall the original, which ran waaay back in the late ‘60s from 1968-1970. Robert Wagner (best known these days for his comedy turn as Number Two in the Austin Powers films) was a charming rogue who is blackmailed by the government into using his talents to help his country.

The update will see Smith’s light-fingered type pressed into service by the CIA. David Elliot and Paul Lovett (Four Brothers) are about to work on the script.

Sounds like a good role for Smith. As I've said before elsewhere I actually believe he is a good actor and has talent in him, but he's just not getting or accepting those roles. You only have to look at Six Degrees of Separation to see that. I wish more was made of that film and his role, it was superb.

Still, there's a long way to go, and Smith will have to approve the script and director yet, you just know he's got that power and the contract clauses to do that.



LOLOLOLOL You are very funny Richard- I take it you know what I mean!



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