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Jaws Romantic Comedy trailer

Jaws.jpgSome Friday fun in the form of the continuing trend of trailer mashups. This one sounds bizarre, Jaws as a romantic comedy?!

Thanks to Dave for the tip, you can see the trailer over at . He describes it...

Well, it's Jaws. Done as a buddy-buddy light comedy about a pair of guys (Schneider and Dreyfuss) who form an unlikely friendship with a lovable shark.

Lucky you lot I can't view it until tonight, but better to post now before it catches on. Have a look and tell me what it's like!



I'll never be able to hear James Blunt's "Your'e Beautiful" again without grinning like a loon. I thought it was comedy gold.

It's hilarious! Now I wanna get a DVD of Jaws.

Class, sheer class.

How dare they poke fun of one of my all time favorite movies!

Loved it! :-)

Hey, be sure to check out this cool mashup between Casablanca and Mars Needs Women - it's part of something called The Institute for Questionable Trailer Preservation.



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