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Basic Instinct 2 deleted scenes

SharonStone.jpgDeleted scenes from the film Basic Instinct 2 already, and before it's even been released? "Shocking" I hear you cry, "marketing ploy" I say!

The idea of releasing deleted scenes from a film before it is even released kind of follows the idea of releasing a film on multiple formats at the same time. Yet it just strikes me as kind of odd, and since it's so sexual, just another marketing ploy aimed at what has the potential to be a very poor sequel.

Yet that's just what they've done, and Cinematical provides us with the link. On this page you can see some very soft porn reasons to watch the film - genius idea. A young lady gets quite rude with Sharon Stone.

Yawn...Surely this doesn't work does it?



Was Basic Instinct not a documentary about Michael Douglas being a sex addict ;-)

Lets face it, the first movie was hardly oscar material. So I guess the sequel isn't going to be either. They have to do something to promote the bloody thing. Perhaps they'd be best to cut the entire film and just leave the trailers and advertisements for the audience.

They do say sequels are generally never as good as the original so this must be dire. What ever happened to Sharon Stone, first Catwoman now this....

I thought the clip on basicinstinct2.net with the Brokeback music was kind of funny though. If this is a marketing ploy it's pretty well done... although would Sony really re-use their fake film critic David Manning again?

it's look like a good movie

i love the first one shron stone give a good act in this one

I love stone and this movie wasn't as good as the first one. But i felt it was necessary for this movie to carry on. Without it, the audience would be left in the dark about catherines later life. Shes just as hot and controling as the first one, just not as young. If I were to rate this movie, 1 to 10, I'd give it an 8. If I were to rate the first one, 1 to 10, I'd give it 100!

nice movie



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