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Hi there. I'm Richard Brunton, and I love films. That's why we're here, to talk about films and for me to bring you the relevant news as well as articles and discussion on all film industries and all that's connected.

Richard BruntonI'm a guy from Edinburgh, Scotland. I've written throughout my life in various guises, and only began blogging on the 19th September 2004 over at my own weblog.

Soon after that I started writing for a mainstream movie site with my first story on the 15th of October 2004, entitled The A-Team gets a writer and we still haven't seen that movie as of writing this! I stayed there for some two years and, for reasons we shall not discuss, left on the 6th of February 2006.

Now, here I am writing on Filmstalker. I started this site for a reason, well for a number of reasons, and to uphold a number of ideals and rules, all of which you can see over at the Manifesto. This is a list of what I think the site should be, and how it should and shouldn't grow. Simply put, it's a site to engage you, the reader, in discussion about film.

During the first year of running the site Filmstalker has been nominated and shortlisted for the Brit Blog Awards 2007, and also nominated for the Bloggers Choice Awards 2007. The reviews have resulted in a trailer mention on Air Guitar Nation, poster quotes across New Zealand and Australia and newspaper adverts in Scotland for The Flying Scotsman. The site has also been quoted by many other film sites all the way up to the BBC, NY Post, Time and Guardian, as well as being mentioned in print in the Guardian newspaper.

A regular attendee at the Edinburgh and Glasgow Film Festivals as well as the excellent Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival, the latest highlight has come as Orange invited me to live blog from the 2009 BAFTA red carpet event. A stunning moment for Filmstalker

I really do hope you enjoy reading the articles and reviews and that you decide to come back and join the regular readers. Feel free to make suggestions on the site, and please do get into the discussions, you are the ones who make this site and all the hard work and sacrifice worthwhile.

Head over to the FAQ for details on putting Filmstalker on your site, on how to get Filmstalker on your mobile, and how to keep in touch with Filmstalker updates.

If you want to get involved in the content of Filmstalker, as well as promoting your own stories and reviews, head over to Filmstalker Readers.

Many thanks, and get reading and writing in Filmstalker.

Richard aka Filmstalker

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July 29, 2010

A few days off...

I'm heading out for a few days off. After being made redundant and with my wife's birthday today, Filmstalker is taking a back seat for some real life issues, but just for two to three days, there may be the odd story here and there... Read the full entry

February 16, 2010

Comments are back!

Thankfully the commenting system is working once more. Having been moved off to virtual hosting the comments captcha system failed and I didn't notice until a reader emailed me – thanks Billy. It took a while to get the site moved back to standard hosting,... Read the full entry

February 13, 2010

Site Update: Commenting

Just a quick note to let you know that despite the hosting company's efforts, the commenting system is still not back up. The move back from Virtual hosting, which may be the issue, will be happening this weekend, so after a few tweaks we should... Read the full entry

February 12, 2010

Commenting problems

Thanks to Billy for pointing it out, but the comment system is down and apparently has been for a little while, it might coincide with the move to virtual hosting, we're not entirely sure. Investigations are under way, and I can only apologise for now.... Read the full entry

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year from Filmstalker!

I hope you've had a great holiday, and if you celebrate the New Year then I really hope you had a good evening and a happy close to 2009. Now we're looking to 2010, and another year of Filmstalker, it's fourth year in fact. 2010... Read the full entry



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